23 Songs About Being a Boss

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Everyone wants to be a boss. It’s no surprise that everyone desires a sense of control over the important areas of their lives, from the work domain to relationships. 

For some, being a boss means shouldering responsibilities and making tough decisions. For others, it’s about self-empowerment and gaining well-deserved respect. 

That’s why we have rounded up a list of songs about being a boss in different situations. From pop to country, you’ll definitely find a track that fuels your confidence and self-esteem as a boss! 

The Best Songs About Being a Boss

“Boss Bitch” – Doja Cat 

Originally featured in the film Birds of Prey, “Boss Bitch” is a spicy feminist anthem about being the boss of your own life. 

The song has a snarky vibe as it was composed as a clapback to Doja Cat’s haters. 

Combining thumping synths, a catchy chorus, and powerful lyrics, this track is infectious enough that everyone will be dancing and singing to it. 

“BO$$” – Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony’s upbeat hit means to serve as a feminist anthem, encouraging women to be independent and strive for their own success. 

This track incorporates a bass-driven tune and militaristic rhythm that gives it a ballsy and mature flare, perfect for girlbosses everywhere. 

“Independent Women, Part 1” – Destiny’s Child 

Before Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” was a thing, this 2000 song showed us what being a self-sufficient yet supportive woman was like. 

Originally featured on the soundtrack to Charlie’s Angels, “Independent Women” revolved around being independent without shunning relationships away. 

In the same way, being a boss requires you to be a strong leader without sacrificing interpersonal communication. 

“It’s Gonna Be Me” – NSYNC

NSYNC’s classic single was such a catchy hit that everyone recognizes it the second it starts playing. 

This song is written as a love ballad, but it exudes a confident vibe that suits every boss who won’t stop until they get what they want. 

It’s a certified crowd-pleaser too, so you’ll definitely get full crowd participation with no issue. 

“She’s the Boss” – Mick Jagger 

“She’s the Boss” finds Mick Jagger singing about his love interest, who’s an assertive and powerful woman. 

Driven by a rock-infused melody and ’80s beat, it’s a great track that will uplift female bosses out there. 

“Confident” – Demi Lovato 

If you’re looking for a saucy, strutting song about self-confidence, Lovato’s “Confident” is the best option!

The song is full of zero regrets, with the message of being your genuine, reassured self despite other people’s opinions. 

Accompanied by drums and brass horns, this thunderous track will make you feel like you can take on the world. 

“Big Boss Man” – Elvis Presley 

Sometimes, being a good boss means standing up for others who can’t do it for themselves. 

In this 1987 song, Presley sings about confronting his superior for mistreating him and his subordinates. 

An uptempo track, it doesn’t just send a reassuring message, but it’s also fun for dancing. 

“I’m Gonna Be Somebody” – Travis Tritt

Every boss has small beginnings, starting from zero before reaching the top after years of hard work. 

Tritt embodies that in his 1990 country song about chasing your dreams regardless of the opinions of those around you. 

With a mellow tune and melodic vocals, this track inspires us to keep moving forward to fulfill our passions. 

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” – Starship 

Released in 1987, this soft rock number was the theme song of the film Mannequin

Lyrically, it’s a love song about a man who finally gets to be with the woman he loves.

But this feel-good track can also be seen as a song about fighting hard for success, making it a good pick for bosses. 

“Like a Boss” – The Lonely Island 

The Lonely Island is well-known for their hilarious and wacky productions. 

In this 2009 number, Andy Samberg describes the life of being a boss in the zaniest way possible. 

It’s a fun song that’s certainly not meant to be taken seriously. You don’t even need to be a skilled singer to make it sound good! 

“The Boss” – Diana Ross

“The Boss” is a different take on taking control as it goes into how we can end up being vulnerable due to our emotions. 

Featuring an energetic disco tune and Ross’s angelic vocals, this track digs deep into our human nature while keeping it catchy. 

It’s also a practical reminder to all bosses that sometimes we can’t help but follow our emotions too. 

“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence and the Machine

This indie-pop number sets a relaxing yet majestic tone, accompanied by simple instrumentals. 

It focuses on growing up and finding independence, along with the wariness that comes with it. 

The pounding melodies and bluesy vocals give it a sense of urgency that everyone experiences when they can’t wait to be the boss of their lives. 

“Boss’ Life” – Snoop Dogg

“Boss’ Life” sees Snoop Dogg rapping about his journey to becoming the influential and loaded boss he is today. 

It has a classy yet confident tone, the kind of song that throws out your doubts and makes you feel self-assured. 

“Django Jane” – Janelle Monáe

“Django Jane” celebrates the strength and contributions of women in this smooth hip-hop track. 

It’s a hard-hitting single with a bass-driven melody and Monáe’s fiery rap game. 

“Hall of Fame” – The Script feat. will.i.am

No one can succeed without putting in effort and hard work in their journey. 

“Hall of Fame” is a tribute to the people who’ve inspired The Script. Lyrically, it encourages us to follow our dreams and make a difference in our world. 

The sweeping rhythm and empowering themes make it a suitable song for bosses. 

“Roar” – Katy Perry 

Perry’s 2013 pop anthem does self-empowerment like no other song does. 

The song is a powerful experience of pounding drums and booming pianos that encourage you to stand up for yourself. 

This track also gives you a good chance to be a boss on stage and flex your singing skills!

“Never Give Up” – Sia 

Released on the soundtrack of the 2016 film Lion, this track is about sticking it out until you gain success. 

Aside from being catchy, “Never Give Up” has an uplifting vibe that’s certain to motivate anyone to be the boss of their own destiny. 

“Superwoman” – Alicia Keys

“Superwoman” is an uplifting and emotional tribute to every woman out there, including bosses. 

The song perfectly captures the struggle of women everywhere, regardless of their backgrounds, and how they push on for their loved ones. 

With tender instrumentals and gentle vocals, this track is a superb pick for all women, whether you’re a boss in an office or at home. 

“Hold Your Head Up” – Argent 

As a boss, there are times when you’re faced with so much pressure that you want to give up. 

Argent’s 1972 track offers some solace and encouragement with its positive lyrics and simple tune. Hold your head up high because you’ve been doing good enough. 

“Woman Like Me” – Little Mix feat. Nicki Minaj 

“Woman Like Me” is a high-energy ode to girl power, feminism, and equality. 

Combining elements of dance, reggae, and pop, this banger will get you dancing while feeling like a badass the whole time. 

The song also makes a perfect choice if you want to do group karaoke.

“The Greatest” – Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar 

Published in the 2016 album This Is Acting, “The Greatest” explores themes of strength in adversity and human potential. 

Like most of Sia’s works, this poppy production was meant to uplift and raise the spirits of those who hear it. 

As a boss, this song will make you feel committed and capable of undertaking any task. 

“Marchin’ On” – OneRepublic 

“Marchin’ On” is, without a doubt, one of the band’s most underrated singles. 

Featuring soft instrumentals, emotional vocals, and a hopeful message, this is the song you sing to get yourself going every day. 

And you’ll certainly make others feel the same once you sing it before your audience. 

“I Won’t Back Down” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

This 1989 rock song has a straightforward message, but it still hits hard, whether you’re a boss or not. 

Lyrically, it’s about never giving in to difficulties, oppression, or other opposing forces. 

Accompanied by a guitar-driven tune, it’s a track that motivates everyone and instills hope in them, even you.

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