35 Best Bedroom Pop Songs (2023)

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Bedroom pop is best defined as music that is made in the artist’s bedroom or home.

It’s a music movement fueled by online platforms, with the younger generation being the main demographic. 

Though bedroom pop is known for its confessional songwriting and hushed tones, it isn’t differentiated by sound and can span a hybrid of genres and music. 

In this article, we have rounded up 35 of the best bedroom pop songs with distinctive timbres and relatable themes. So, take a breath and dive in, ‘cause you might just find a song you’d fall in love with. 

  1. ClairoSofia 
  2. GrouploveTongue Tied
  3. Dotzio 8 Days A Week
  4. Alexander 23I Wanna Live Forever
  5. DayglowCan I Call You Tonight?
  6. Silicon EstateLife’s Alright
  7. Sam FlorianCome Over
  8. Venus FizzIn2
  9. KaptanSucker
  10. YaejiPassionfruit
  11. Little DragonFeather
  12. Cruel Youth – Mr. Watson
  13. Snail Mail – Pristine
  14. ABRA – Fruit
  15. M.I.A – Galang
  16. Kilo Kish – Locket
  17. Allen Haley – Taken Back
  18. Wild HimlaiaTide Comes Back
  19. Aaron Joseph Russo – Espresso
  20. Wwoman – I Want You Back
  21. Motoi – Another
  22. Mitski – Once More To See You
  23. Mollie Coddled – Rotten Teeth
  24. Brushstroke – Freeze
  25. Nicky Youre – Eyes On You
  26. Steve Lacy – Mercury
  27. Boy Pablo – Be Mine
  28. Palmer – Postman
  29. Clear Coast – Recurring Feel
  30. Fat Heart – Glass Self
  31. Jonah RoyLoving, Breathing
  32. Kate BollingerA Couple Things
  33. Go-Jo Mrs. Hollywood
  34. Adriel RiveraMeant2be
  35. MonsuneNothing In Return

35 Best Bedroom Pop Songs

1. Clairo – Sofia 

Blending Europop and soft rock, “Sofia” was Clairo’s sleeper hit that went viral on Tiktok in 2020. 

The song details Clairo’s reminiscence over her past celebrity crushes and celebrates her discovery of her identity. 

With energetic guitars and crunchy drums peppered with vocoder melodies and synths, this song represents the explosion of emotions when you first fall in love. 

2. Grouplove – Tongue Tied

A bouncy and exuberant tune, “Tongue Tied” is about missing the days when you were young and simple. 

Incorporating elements of synthpop and indie music influences, it’s a modern track that drips with summer vacation nostalgia. 

3. Dotzio  – 8 Days A Week

This track has a melancholic vibe, detailing how the protagonist struggles to balance her relationship and her work life. 

An indie piece, its simple yet introspective message resonates easily with many of us. 

4. Alexander 23 – I Wanna Live Forever

Alexander 23’s intimate number is a comforting yet refreshing gem of its time. 

The song balances a 90s-inspired tune and raw lyricism, capturing the honest moment of letting yourself fall for someone without worrying about the outcome. 

5. Dayglow – Can I Call You Tonight? 

Indie pop project Dayglow explores the anxiety and joys of wanting a connection with someone. 

It’s a catchy track, accompanied by twinkling guitars and dreamlike vocals. 

6. Silicon Estate – Life’s Alright

“Life’s Alright” is a slow, hazy, and expressive tune delivered over gentle bass and honeyed vocals. 

The song settles for a wistful tone, conveying a message of regret and disappointment. 

7. Sam Florian – Come Over

A lo-fi production, “Come Over” embeds bits of chillwave in its approach to your typical breakup anthem. 

The calm melodies and tender rhythm make it great for late-night listening. 

8. Venus Fizz – In2

Featuring a dreamlike tune, “In2” gives you the vibe of driving along the ocean with that special someone. 

A light and joyous number, it’ll surely motivate you to take comfort in the present you’re in. 

9. Kaptan – Sucker 

Don’t we all wish for a happy ending like the Disney movies? 

Kaptan’s “Sucker” is sultry and smooth, delving into romanticism and escapism when we long for a relationship. 

10. Yaeji – Passionfruit

Yaeji revisits and reinvents Drake’s “Passionfruit” from drowsy house vibes to a personal and intimate creation. 

It serves a different tone and atmosphere, with trance-like beats and texture for added effect. 

11. Little Dragon – Feather

One of the highlights from the band’s sophomore album, Machine Dreams, “Feather,” centers on the desire for freedom. 

This Bowie-influenced ballad features a sultry tone and a wicked bassline that’d stay stuck in your head. 

12. Cruel Youth – Mr. Watson 

Teddy Sinclair, also known by her stage name Natalia Kills, deals with her drug addiction in this unfiltered electropop anthem. 

A rousing number, Sinclair showcases her raw, convincing vocal prowess alongside an uptempo, thumping melody. 

13. Snail Mail – Pristine

“Pristine” goes out to everyone who’s experiencing their first love, their feelings still new and immature with countless second-guessing in the mix. 

This beautiful song is delivered over upbeat guitar work and spacious tunings that give it a poignant feel. 

14. ABRA – Fruit

ABRA’s “Fruit” is both tantalizing and mesmerizing, accompanied by light drums, thumping bass, and wispy vocals that pull you into the rhythm. 

The song centers around comparing someone’s affection to Eden’s forbidden fruit, too tempting to resist.

15. M.I.A – Galang

Despite its dance-y rhythm, “Galang” is a call to action against oppression and wants to raise awareness of the social issues today. 

The track incorporates phrases from London slang, which is commonly used by minorities and young people there. 

16. Kilo Kish – Locket 

Known for her dreamy vocals, Kish offers us a chilled-out track about finding yourself and the struggle to fit in. 

Laced with a slowed-down beat, it’s a song that you can kick back and vibe out to. 

17. Allen Haley – Taken Back

Haley’s “Taken Back” is energetic and unabashed, featuring a catchy beat and influences from hip-hop music. 

The song deals with a ‘no-strings-attached’ relationship, which is complemented by its playful guitar riffs. 

18. Wild Himlaia – Tide Comes Back

“Tide Comes Back” takes a creative turn with the topic of breakups by infusing it with ocean themes. 

Melancholic yet catchy, the uptempo guitar riffs and wistful vocals give it a sad summery vibe. 

19. Aaron Joseph Russo – Espresso 

Espresso” can only be described as warm and accepting. 

The songs exude a dreamlike mood, encouraging us to embrace our self-growth and independence, delivered over sensational melodies and vocal style. 

20. Wwoman – I Want You Back

Wwoman treats us to a nostalgic, twinkling production about wanting someone from the past back into your life. 

Psychedelic and expressive, this 60s rock-infused piece is carried superbly by smooth falsettos. 

21. Motoi – Another

Embodying dream-pop soundscapes and classical orchestrations, “Another” is Motoi’s subtle piece about making and admitting mistakes. 

Perfect for late-night playlists, this song’s warm textures and vocals will soothe your troubled heart. 

22. Mitski – Once More To See You

Mitski’s lulling ballad starts with heavy-set drums and bass before transitioning into a tuneful trail of sultry vocals. 

The song tackles a theme many are familiar – the idea of love deludes us and leaves us lonelier than before. 

23. Mollie Coddled – Rotten Teeth

Mollie Coddled’s 2020 single is intoxicating as it is heartbreaking, revolving around a relationship of uncertainties. 

The song pairs echo-laden guitars and soulful vocals with a hazy soundscape for an out-of-this-world experience. 

24. Brushstroke – Freeze

“Freeze” is a song of melodic twists and turns, as it centers on the challenges and questions you have in a relationship. 

Steeped in soul and R&B, this song hypnotizes you with lush synth tones and an electronic-tinged aesthetic. 

25. Nicky Youre – Eyes On You

If you’re a fan of Nicky’s “Sunroof”, you’ll love this song too!

Harnessing energetic beats and infectious melodies, “Eyes On You” is a fun love song you can blast in the car with your friends.

26. Steve Lacy – Mercury

Lacy’s “Mercury” is a slick bossa nova production centering around his remorse and bitterness around a past relationship. 

The song features lush instrumentation and groovy refrains that mesh perfectly with a smooth vocal delivery, nailing its regretful tone. 

27. Boy Pablo – Be Mine

Infused with cumbia music influences, “Be Mine” starts with a graceful swoon of rhythms that builds up to a funky melody.

The song is cheek, oozing with feel-good vibes and an inherent addictive tune. 

28. Palmer – Postman

“Postman” captures the feeling of a one-sided love in this rock-tinged banger. 

With an infectious beat, Palmer’s heartbroken words shine through intricate layers of instrumentals. 

29. Clear Coast – Recurring Feel

This indie production blends romantic undertones and vintage textures to highlight its theme of self-love and gratitude. 

The song features catchy guitars and synth-y melodies with a wistful finish that leaves you nostalgic. 

30. Fat Heart – Glass Self

Glass Self” tackles topics of boredom, loss, and longing in this quaint and melodic ballad. 

Sonically ethereal, the song is led by jangly glistening and chugging lyrical work that grips you with a chorus of dreamy harmonies. 

31. Jonah Roy – Loving, Breathing

“Loving, Breathing” delves into the theme of youthful romance in this uptempo, indie-infused ballad. 

A catchy and artistic piece, the track is perfect for summer vacations and parties. 

32. Kate Bollinger – A Couple Things

“A Couple Things” is understated yet raw in its lyricism. 

Tackling the issue of independence, the song dances around light percussions, bright tones, and composed vocals, imbuing it with a lucid vibe. 

33. Go-Jo – Mrs. Hollywood

Go-Jo takes a deeper approach to the pop-meets-rock sonics in “Mrs Hollywood”, which revolves around holding on to an old flame that keeps slipping away. 

The track is brought to life by a compelling bass line and catchy ear-worm melody, topped by a charismatic vocal delivery. 

34. Adriel Rivera – Meant2be

Rivera flaunts his musical artistry and vocals in this 2022 single, serenading his love interest (and us) with compliments and praises. 

Turning toward a multi-layered, synth-laden approach, the track is laced with undertones of fun that’d make your day brighter. 

35. Monsune – Nothing In Return

“Nothing In Return” is a colorful and whimsical ballad about waiting for someone who’d never return your affections. 

Monsune flexes his crisp vocals and enticing songwriting, accompanied by rhythmic instrumental work and a compelling sonic approach. 

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