23 Best ABBA Karaoke Songs

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No karaoke party would be complete without at least one classic ABBA song. The Swedish group was a big name in the ’70s and ’80s with songs that celebrated music and dancing in the best way possible.  

To show our appreciation to this beloved group, we have rounded up some of ABBA’s most iconic and timeless tracks and why they’re perfect for your next karaoke party. 

Whether you’re an ABBA fan or looking for a good disco song to sing for karaoke, we guarantee you’ll have a great time with these amazing tunes! 

The Best ABBA Karaoke Songs

“Dancing Queen”

Starting off this list is the most well-known and iconic ABBA song of all time. When it first dropped in 1976, it became the world’s first Europop smash hit. 

The track is a great classic that captures the euphoric bliss of youth and is irresistibly catchy. 

Aside from making everyone dance, it’s a recognizable song that everyone knows, so you won’t have a problem getting full crowd participation. 

“Mamma Mia”

Released in 1975, this upbeat glam rock single is another of ABBA’s popular singles. 

With an energetic tune and smooth harmonies, it’s a nostalgic trip full of good vibes that gets you into a good mood. 

The song is so widespread that it’s been featured in many films and series like That ‘70s Show and Queen of the Desert


“Chiquitita” might be a slower song, but it has amazing instrumentals and an inspiring message to share to the world. 

This 1979 soft rock number was defined as one of ABBA’s biggest successes that it was also recorded in Spanish. 

The song actually revolves around letting go and moving on as heartaches and pain won’t last long. 

The soaring harmonies and soothing melody make it a perfect choice if you’re singing it at night. 


“Waterloo” was the group’s breakout track after winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. 

The song revolved around a woman giving in to a man’s advances, comparing it to Napoleon’s surrender in the Battle of Waterloo. 

This track is an enjoyable experience and would surely get everyone at your karaoke bar hyped. 


“S.O.S.” diverts from the group’s usual, fast-paced dance-pop tracks, focusing on themes of heartbreak and romantic breakups. 

This song features melancholic instrumentals and a dramatic tune, topped with a tear-jerking delivery. 

If you’re unsure of which ABBA song to go for in karaoke, “S.O.S.” would be a solid choice since it’s straightforward enough to follow. 

“I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”

After the success of “Waterloo,” the group was on the verge of becoming a one-hit wonder until this track put them back in the spotlight. 

Taking inspiration from ‘50s music, this 1975 song is about a woman who’s tempting a man to mend their relationship and fall in love with her again. 

The track’s rousing tune sets a dramatic tone that blends perfectly with the rich, emotive vocals. 

“Slipping Through My Fingers”

Rather than your typical high-energy banger or love ballad, this song centers around the challenges of parenthood. 

Released in the album The Visitors, this track depicts the bittersweet regret of a mother as she fears her daughter is growing up too fast. 

Its powerful themes make it an emotional track that certainly make for a heartwarming performance. 

“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”

Aside from “Dancing Queen” and “Mamma Mia,” this upbeat single is also one of ABBA’s greatest hits. It even went on to become a gay anthem. 

With catchy instrumentals and melodic harmonies, the song is about a woman who longs for a man to satisfy her for the night. The saucy lyrics alone make it a fun pick for karaoke. 

“Ring Ring”

Though it didn’t win the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, this Europop number still went on to be a massive hit. 

It’s a regular heartbreak ballad about a woman who wishes her ex-boyfriend would call her back to reconcile. 

However, the killer harmonies, superb musical arrangements, and catchy hooks are what make this song an irresistible bop that’s great for karaoke night. 

“Hasta Mañana”

Before settling on “Waterloo,” the group initially decided to perform this wistful track instead. 

This song has a sad tone, revolving around a couple who’re forced to separate from each other. 

If you’re going through a breakup, you’ll definitely relate to this song. 

“Thank You for the Music”

Released in 1977, this song is widely considered a farewell song and an end to ABBA. 

It definitely captures that feeling well, featuring a jazzy cabaret melody that gives it a poignant vibe. 

With a graceful message and flowing harmonies, it’s a perfect closer for your karaoke party. 


This 1977 track was composed as a heartfelt tribute the group’s favorite band at the time, The Eagles. 

Though it leans away from their usual poppy concept, the song has been hailed as one of the group’s best written tracks. 

It exudes confidence and grandeur, especially accompanied by soaring instrumentals and powerful vocals. 

“Lay All Your Love on Me”

No other ABBA song starts out as amazingly as this one. Published in the album Super Trouper, it tells the story of a woman who becomes more possessive as she falls for her new lover. 

The song was a massive hit in 1981 and still retains its popularity that it’s considered an ABBA staple. 

So, if you’re stuck on choosing the right song, go for this one and watch the crowd go crazy!


This song certainly has a cheerful tone, but it has an important message that we could all learn from. 

Lyrically, it’s about the protagonist warning women to be careful of a deceptively handsome man who fools around with the people he likes. 

With a string-driven melody and bubbly vocals, it’s a catchy song that would make everyone wanna dance!

“Take a Chance on Me”

If you got tons of energy to spare, this song is perfect for you! It’s a quirky love ballad, but the fast-paced rhythm and high-pitched vocals make it fun to sing out on stage. 

It might be a bit of a challenge, but as the track goes, you should take a chance on it. 

“Don’t Shut Me Down”

“Don’t Shut Me Down” was a disco-influenced single released in 2021, marking ABBA’s return to the music scene. 

The song even revolves around that concept, as it details the protagonist returning to her lover feeling more confident. 

While it’s not as fast-paced as the group’s older songs, it’s a straightforward and tuneful track. 


“Fernando” is also regarded as one of ABBA’s staples, and has a pretty interesting backstory. 

It started out as a romantic ballad before morphing into a story of two veterans reminiscing over their time at war. 

The song featured sentimental melodies and emotional harmonies that would take your audience on a nostalgia-induced trip. 

“Super Trouper”

This disco single might have an upbeat tone to it, but it actually alludes to the group’s dislike of performing on stage. 

Lyrically, it’s about the loneliness and other downsides of stardom. Oddly enough, this song is a staple at stadium events and concerts. 

“The Winner Takes It All”

This 1980 track is one of those songs you should belt out as much as you want. It’s all about a painful breakup and the things you’d love to say to the person who hurt you. 

With a piano-backed tune and emotional vocals, it’s a great song that’d get you deep in your feelings. 

“One of Us”

“One of Us” is, perhaps, one of the group’s most heart-wrenching tracks. The song explores darker themes, taking inspiration from the members’ divorces happening at the time. 

It revolves around a woman who desperately wants to revive a relationship that has already ended. 

This track would be a great choice if you’re looking for something emotional and wistful. 

“Summer Night City”

“Summer Night City” was originally written as a tribute for the group’s hometown, Stockholm. It’s a beautiful song that describes the Swedish city and their love for it. 

The track also has a catchy tune and energetic rhythm, immersing you completely into it.  

“Money, Money, Money”

Who hasn’t dreamt of marrying a rich man for financial stability? ABBA clearly knows what we all have thought of at some point and decided to embody it into this iconic track. 

With a fast-paced rhythm and witty lyrics, it certainly adds to its lively vibe and makes it entertaining to sing out. 


If you’re confident enough to pull off a daring performance in front of everyone, this song is a good pick! 

The track was composed after a trip to the Bahamas and was recorded shortly after. Featuring a vibrant tone, dynamic instrumentals, and chirpy vocals, it’s a certified crowd-pleaser! 

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