The 25 Best Songs Inspired By the Moon

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The moon isn’t just the closest celestial body to Earth; it illuminates our darkest nights, floating far and mysterious from our grasp. 

It’s also been a huge inspiration for many artists over the decades. 

In this article, we’ll be highlighting 25 of the best songs about the moon. Just as you have your typical moon-related romantic ballads, we also have jazzy tunes and rock singles that will hook you in. 

  1. Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon 
  2. The B-52sThere’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)
  3. Cafune Tek It
  4. Fleetwood Mac Sisters Of The Moon
  5. Echo And The Bunnymen The Killing Moon
  6. Van MorrisonMoondance 
  7. Creedance Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising
  8. The MarcelsBlue Moon
  9. Ariana Grande – Moonlight
  10. Pink FloydEclipse
  11. Cat Stevens Moon Shadow
  12. R.E.M.Man On The Moon
  13. The PoliceWalking On The Moon
  14. Billie HolidayBlue Moon 
  15. Joni MitchellMoon At The Window
  16. Rolling StonesChild Of The Moon
  17. Kali UchisMoonlight
  18. Kanye West – Moon
  19. JVKEmoon and back
  20. AmariaMoon
  21. Bruno Mars Moonshine
  22. Kina Grannis ft SnøwGet You The Moon
  23. Tom WaitsDrunk On The Moon
  24. Janis JoplinHalf Moon
  25. Neil Young Harvest Moon

1. Frank Sinatra  – Fly Me To The Moon 

This popular 1954 standard song is an unforgettable favorite even today. It was often sung at cabarets. 

Sinatra’s vocal delivery gives this simple love ballad an emotional appeal that would make anyone swoon. 

The song is so well-loved and popular that it has been recorded over 300 times and has even been featured in anime and games.  

2. The B-52s – There’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)

Published in the group’s 1959 album, this upbeat new wave song isn’t meant to be taken seriously. 

The song’s interpretation is up for debate, though it very well might not have a deeper meaning other than the fact it’s about celestial spaces.

It’s basically one of those songs where you can turn your brain off and rock out as much as you like. 

3. Cafuné  – Tek It

This song went viral on TikTok first before going mainstream for its chorus, “I watch the moon, Let it run my mood, Can’t stop thinking of you.”

It details the unreliable relationship dynamic, delivered over an energetic melody and fast-paced tune. 

The track has an otherworldly summery vibe to it that makes you feel nostalgic. 

4. Fleetwood Mac  – Sisters Of The Moon

Here’s another song with lyrics that don’t have any deeper connotations to it. Released in 1980, this rock-tinged track is a gem with its catchy guitar work and melancholic vibe. 

5. Echo And The Bunnymen  – The Killing Moon

You might recognize this 1984 post-punk ballad from the 2001 film Donnie Darko. 

Based on David Bowie’s Space Oddity, the track contains much astronomical imagery as the singer himself was interested in space as a child. 

The string-driven melody and quiet tone of the song give it an elegant quality. It’s considered one of the band’s best hits. 

6. Van Morrison – Moondance 

This quirky love ballad is sure to put you in a good mood with its uptempo beats and sophisticated jazzy elements. 

It’s the perfect track to forget all your worries and just dance under the moonlight. 

7. Creedance Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

Published in the band’s 1969 album Green River, this uptempo track is full of imagery and doubled meanings. 

It’s been confirmed that the song does contain political undercurrents, as he wrote the track the same day Richard Nixon was elected president. 

It’s still used as an anthem for troops in Vietnam and also for anti-war protestors across the nation. 

8. The Marcels – Blue Moon

Though it’s only a cover of the 1934 standard ballad, The Marcels absolutely smash it. 

An upbeat doo-wop ballad, it’s a track about a man who sings a girl’s prayers to the moon. 

It also has been covered by many artists like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Cyndi Lauper, and Bob Dylan. 

9. Ariana Grande – Moonlight

The first track of Grande’s Dangerous Woman, this dainty, giddy love ballad, would make you feel like you’re floating on a fluffy cloud. 

With swaying string plucks, romantic violins, and a 50s-inspired beat, it’s the perfect choice for candlelight dinners and slow dances. 

10. Pink Floyd – Eclipse

This slow-paced track sets a distant, gloomy tone as it addresses the good and bad of life by using astronomical metaphors. 

It’s a simple track that reminds us that as much as there’s light in our lives, darkness is also present. 

11. Cat Stevens  – Moon Shadow

“Moonshadow” is the complete opposite of Floyd’s 1973 ballad, focusing instead on the positive side of things. 

With a relaxing guitar-backed melody and Steven’s mellow vocals, it’s a track that’ll instill hope and optimism in you. 

It’s a good song choice if you need something uplifting yet calming. 

12. R.E.M. – Man On The Moon

This 1992 track serves as a tribute to the late Andy Kaufman, a famous entertainer who made an appearance on late-night television. 

Featuring a gentle rock-flavored tune, the song uses many cultural references that’ll make you sad, happy and nostalgic simultaneously. 

13. The Police – Walking On The Moon

A reggae-influenced piece, this song details the weightlessness one feels after falling in love, comparing it to the feeling of walking on the moon. 

It’s a catchy track with a jazzy edge that would make for a pleasant listen. 

14. Billie Holiday – Blue Moon 

Holiday’s “Blue Moon” is just a cover, but it’s clear that she made it with a unique spin of her own. 

The tender jazzy melodies accompanied by Holiday’s sultry, rich tone turn the song into a harmonious piece that could lull you to sleep. 

15. Joni Mitchell – Moon At The Window

This pop jazz track was published on Mitchell’s album Wild Things Run Fast.  The song focuses on the ups and downs of life and how easy it is to lose hope. 

It features rhythmic instrumentals, soothing melodies, and Mitchell’s dulcet vocals, making it a feel-good song despite its gloomy lyrics. 

16. Rolling Stones – Child Of The Moon

“Child Of The Moon” is a poetically romantic song about Mariane Faithfull, Mick Jagger’s then-girlfriend. 

The track is one of the singles that marked the end of the band’s psychedelic music before they transitioned to blues, rock, and country. 

The song features dreamy instrumentals and hypnotic vocals that give it a mysterious yet indulgent vibe. 

17. Kali Uchis – Moonlight

Published on Uchis’ 2023 album Red Moon In Venus, “Moonlight” brings us on a dreamy trip about indulging in love entirely. 

The song was also released on April 20th, 2023, a date that parallels the cannabis-related lyrics that detail ‘getting high’ together. 

18. Kanye West – Moon

West’s calming 2021 track started out as a chorus by Don Toliver before Kanye West brought his long-time collaborator Kid Cudi to make it a full song. 

With a mellow and dreamy feel, this song will make you feel as if you’re floating through the depths of outer space. 

19. JVKE – moon and back

“moon and back” was first shared on JVKE’s Twitch channel in 2021 when he started composing the song on his live stream. 

The song finds JVKE expressing his unconditional love for his partner. It has a unique poppy sound that showcases his versatility in the genre. 

20. Amaria – Moon

This track is one of those songs that make you feel like everything will be alright. 

First published in 2020, “Moon” describes Amaria’s feelings for her love interest and how far she’s willing to go for him. 

The blend of surreal instrumentals and Amaria’s silky vocals tie the song perfectly together, making it a good choice for late-night music listeners. 

21. Bruno Mars – Moonshine

The first time you listen to it, you might think the song is about Bruno’s drinking habits, as moonshine refers to a type of whiskey. 

Look a bit deeper, and you’ll find out that it also revolves around having impossible expectations in a relationship. 

The track exudes a retro-pop feel with an 80s-informed groove and wistful lyrics. 

22. Kina Grannis ft Snøw – Get You The Moon

This 2018 track is equal parts happy, sad, and romantic with its moody chill-pop beats. 

The song sees Kina and Snøw singing about their intense adoration for their partners that they would give them the moon if they could. 

23. Tom Waits – Drunk On The Moon

Waits’ 1974 ballad will take you back in time to jazz clubs and late-night martinis. 

This song is absolutely divine with its jazzy instrumentals and Waits’ melodic vocals. 

24. Janis Joplin – Half Moon

Half Moon was published on Joplin’s 1971 album Pearl. The track finds her singing about her admiration and strong love for her love interest. 

Joplin’s stellar vocals shine on this track, especially when she’s accompanied by energetic rock-infused instrumentals. 

25. Neil Young  – Harvest Moon

This song goes out to all the couples out there who wish for nothing more than a lasting relationship. 

With its beautiful melody, the track is a tribute to Young’s wife, celebrating the fidelity and longevity of relationships. 

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