19 Best Beyonce Karaoke Songs (Ranked!)

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Admit it: we’re all guilty of belting out a Beyonce song at some time or another. Whether we can hit all the notes or not, there’s no denying her tracks can range from fun and catchy to heartfelt and emotional. No matter who you are, there’s a Queen B song for everyone. 

To show our love for Beyonce, we have rounded up some of her best tracks that you can sing in karaoke by yourself or with your friends. Even if you can’t reach her vocal level, just sing your heart out and have fun! 

The Best Beyonce Karaoke Songs

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

Everyone has tried to do the iconic dance to this song at least once in their life.

An uptempo, dance-pop number, “Single Ladies” is about men’s unwillingness to commit to a serious relationship, which is pretty ironic considering the single was also seen as Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s couple announcement.

It has everything you could ask for in a song—a catchy tune, a fun dance, and amazing vocals—that will definitely get everyone hyped up. 

“Crazy in Love” (Feat. Jay-Z) 

In the mood to do some crazy dancing? Then this high-energy smash hit is perfect for you!

Infusing elements of pop, hip-hop, and soul, “Crazy in Love” is about a woman’s romantic obsession that causes her to act out of character.

With an energetic rhythm and fast-paced lyrics, this song is really fun to sing at karaoke with a friend, even if it leaves you two out of breath at the end. 


Originally written from a male perspective by R&B artist Ne-Yo, this empowering track took a different turn when it was given to Beyonce instead.

“Irreplaceable” became her ultimate kiss-off track as she says goodbye to a manipulative partner.

The song became incredibly successful after its debut in 2006, topping music charts worldwide.

Featuring a catchy melody and powerful lyrics, this is the best song choice for anyone who wants to break away from an unhappy relationship.  

“Sweet Dreams” 

This upbeat, electropop number is another one of Beyonce’s tracks that made the 2000s awesome.

Released in 2009, the song explores a romantic relationship too good to be true that the female protagonist assumes it might be a dream.

With Beyonce’s slinky vocals and synth-infused melody, this fast-paced track has a dramatic flair that makes it perfect for dancing.

Even if you can’t keep up with the song’s energy, everyone will be too busy partying out to it to notice. 

“Love on Top”

Released in 2011, this cheerful pop single is a love letter to 1980s music, inspired by Beyonce’s state of mind while she was listening to Etta James.

Lyrically, “Love on Top” is about a woman who proclaims her love for her boyfriend that stays faithful by her side.

As fun as this track is, it has four key changes and a high register toward the end, so you might want to practice first before attempting to take it to the stage. 

“If I Were a Boy” 

Sometimes we wish we could live the life of someone else.

This 2008 ballad goes introspective by addressing the double standards that exist between men and women.

While it’s not as upbeat as Beyonce’s other tracks, the song is as passionate as the rest and is great for any vocal range.

With a slow-paced melody and meaningful lyrics, it’s a great track that puts everyone in a relaxed mood. 

“Best Thing I Never Had”

This 2011 pop number puts a different spin on a painful breakup, focusing on confidence and karma as Beyonce sings about how she’s happier without her cheating partner.

“Best Thing I Never Had” has often been compared to “Irreplaceable” due to having similar themes.

While “Irreplaceable” is a fun and upbeat song, this powerful track has a powerful melody and soaring vocals that’d make you sing your lungs out. 


Featured in her 2013 self-titled album, “XO” is a love letter to Jay-Z and fans, thanking them for their endless support.

A passionate pop number, this track has an emotional tune and beautiful lyrics that make it great for karaoke.

It might not be the easiest Queen B song to sing, but it’s engaging enough that it’ll get everyone to join in with you. 


If you’re eager to test your vocal capabilities, “Halo” is the best choice for you.

This 2009 R&B power ballad about sublime love is one of Beyonce’s most vocally demanding works.

Featuring a sweeping melody backed by various instruments, “Halo” has won many awards and spawned many covers from different artists including Ailee and Glee.

This song is powerful and grand with a high register that makes you feel like you’re singing to the heavens. 

“Baby Boy” (Feat. Sean Paul) 

First released in 2003, “Baby Boy” is a dancehall single that describes a woman’s fantasies.

This upbeat track was a massive hit, spending nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

With a catchy melody and fast-paced lyrics, it’s a great song to duet with a friend. 


This 2014 track actually has two parts: “Yoncé” and “Partition,” with the second song being the raunchy one of the two.

While “Yoncé” is about having confidence, “Partition” details Beyonce wanting to get down on her man in the back of a limousine.

It’s an all-around catchy song with a combination of synths and drums that makes you feel like getting onto the dance floor. 

“Daddy Lessons” 

Released in her 2016 album Lemonade, “Daddy Lessons” is Beyonce’s first attempt at country and, though it’s different from her usual style, it came out amazing.

The song is basically a tribute to her Texan roots and childhood spent with her father.

Accompanied by a guitar-backed tune and heartfelt lyrics, this track is one of Queen B’s more mellow songs that any vocal range can sing it.  


Written for the 2006 musical film Dreamgirls, “Listen” was sung by Beyonce’s character Deena Jones who strives to break free from her controlling husband.

Lyrically, the track is about the determination and resilience to keep pursuing one’s dreams until success is accomplished.

With a dramatic melody and emotional lyrics, you’ll need powerful vocals to pull this song off, especially toward the climax. 

“The Closer I Get To You” (Feat. Luther Vandross) 

The original version of this song is a classic duet by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway released in 1978.

Since its debut, the song has become a standard, with many artists releasing their renditions of it.

A love ballad, this slow-paced track makes a great choice if you want to duet with someone special. 


Queen B is undeniably an amazing singer, but some of her songs hit harder than the rest, and “1+1” is a good example.

Released in 2011, this R&B pop ballad is about a woman who professes and reaffirms her steadfast feelings for her man.

Featuring an emotional melody and Beyonce’s impressive vocal control, you can just feel the raw emotions if you choose to sing this track. 

“Run the World (Girls)”

If you’re looking for a song to sing with your girlfriends, this fierce feminist anthem is perfect for you!

“Run the World” is an energetic and fast-paced electro-pop track that promotes the message of female empowerment.

With an upbeat rhythm and the chorus of raw chanting and straightforward lyrics, this song isn’t just fun to sing, it’s also great to dance to along with your audience. 


This 2016 R&B number is a Black Power anthem that celebrates Beyonce’s identity, background, and success as a Black woman from the south.

The song was a hit upon its release and has even been adopted as the anthem for Women’s March and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Formation has a catchy melody and smooth verse flow that supports the message of being proud of your roots. 

“Party” (Feat. André 3000) 

While the title sounds like you should get your party face on, the actual track is mellow and has a different message.

Released in 2011, “Party” is a cheeky song about having an intimate get-together with someone special.

Infused with elements of funk and soul music, this number has a smooth groove and romantic lyrics that would be great when everyone’s feeling relaxed. 


Released in 2003 in her album Dangerous in Love, “Speechless” is a sensual ballad detailing the intimacies between man and woman behind closed doors.

With an alluring melody and raspy vocals, this track is best sung at the end of the night as everyone is about to leave.

The best part about this song is that the slow-paced rhythm allows any vocal range to tackle it as long as you nail the right mood. 

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