27 Best Michael Jackson Karaoke Songs

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Everyone knows Micheal Jackson, whether they’re hardcore fans or not. From classic pop to edgy hard rock, he has an impressive and diverse catalog of songs that appeals to all kinds of music tastes. 

We’ll be going through a list of the best Michael Jackson songs that you can perform at your karaoke parties. This article will walk you through some of MJ’s best hits and even his underrated singles to find the perfect track for you. 

The Best Michael Jackson Karaoke Songs


“Thriller” is perhaps the most definitive Michael Jackson single out there. 

The song evokes themes of horror and slasher films, and the music video left a lasting impact on pop culture with its signature zombie dance moves. 

While it’s not easy to sing, it’s certainly fun to perform and could easily get your audience to join in too. 

The track has a mysterious, dark edge that makes it suitable for Halloween-themed karaoke parties. 

“Billie Jean” 

Having fame and fortune does have its downsides and “Billie Jean” is proof of that. 

This 1988 track is a snarky and clever tribute to the crazy fangirls who claimed that Jackson was the father of their sons. 

An uptempo song, it’s a great choice for singers since it’s well-known and easy to memorize. 

“P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” 

If you’re looking for a simple but entertaining MJ song to sing, this track is a pretty solid option. 

Originally inspired by producer Quincy Jones’s wife, the song is as romantic as you can get with saccharine lyrics about appreciating your partner. 

This romantic ballad is also pretty easy to follow and suits newbies perfectly. 

“Beat It” 

“Beat It” is another classic Michael Jackson track that induces nostalgia and fun into your karaoke party. 

The track, along with its music video, had a great impact on pop culture and is widely celebrated in the history of music. 

With an upbeat melody, the song is about picking your battles and standing up for yourself. The energetic and catchy feel of this rock number is sure to get everyone dancing. 

“Man in the Mirror”

For change to happen in our lives, it has to start with ourselves. 

“Man in the Mirror” drives that message home, with lyrics that encourage us to be less selfish and more compassionate for a better world. 

It has a more serious tone to it, but it still retains a catchy ’80s beat that will make for an enjoyable and poignant performance. 

“The Way You Make Me Feel”

Released in the 1987 album Bad, this song oozes with romantic allure and charm accompanied by a cheerful, poppy beat. 

It’s a sweet song that finds Jackson falling head-over-heels for a lovely lady he meets.

Serenade your special someone with this song and we guarantee they’ll be smitten with you in a heartbeat. 

“Tabloid Junkie” 

Following his strained relationship with the press, Jackson wrote this funk-rock number as a diss to them and a plea to the public to not believe everything the media says. 

It’s a fast-paced song with pulsating beats, so it would be a better fit for seasoned singers who want a challenge. 

“Human Nature” 

“Human Nature” is one of Jackson’s best ballads and has been sampled by many artists including Teddy Riley and Nas. 

This ballad exudes a gentle vibe, featuring Jackson’s breathy vocals and buttery harmonies. It’s a smooth musical experience that would suit even beginner singers. 

“Baby Be Mine”

Love songs are always a hit at karaoke parties, and this R&B-influenced tune is sure to please the crowd. 

Along with smooth melodies, pulsing drums, synths, and brass, this song will put anyone in a good mood! 

“Blood on the Dance Floor” 

This catchy funk single takes your typical love ballad and turns it into a tale of a female stalker named Susie who’s literally out for Jackson’s heart. 

It has a catchy tempo, featuring pounding techno beats and a groovy rhythm that makes you wanna get onto the dance floor. Hopefully without the blood of course! 

“Smooth Criminal” 

If you’re up for a dark, edgy, and exhilarating challenge, you should give “Smooth Criminal” a shot on your karaoke night. 

The song is basically the finished version of an earlier track called “Al Capone” and details the murder of a woman. 

Despite its gruesome lyrics, it’s hard to resist singing along, especially at the chorus that goes, “Are you okay, Annie?”

“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” 

This 1979 disco-funk single remains memorable today and sets the perfect tone to get everyone into the mood for dancing. 

The song also has a positive message as it encourages us never to quit on our dreams. 

With an infectious rhythm, catchy hook, and buzzing instrumentals, it’s an all-around amazing track that’d get everyone hyped up! 

“One More Chance” 

Released in 2003, this swaying love ballad was the last new single that was officially released during his lifetime. 

The song sees Jackson lamenting an opportunity to find a new lover and the great lengths he’d go for her. 

This sentimental tempo exudes incredible passion and energy, making it a good pick for any vocal range. 

“D.S.” ft. Slash 

Jackson didn’t come to play when he made this track in 1994. 

D.S. explores themes of mistrust, bitterness, and corruption within law enforcement. 

With a catchy beat, it’s a straightforward track that showcases the isolation and injustice Jackson felt at that time. 


Published in the 2001 album Invincible, “Heartbreaker” finds Jackson singing about an elusive seductress who left him heartbroken. 

The song is an upbeat mix of pop and hip-hop, making it a great choice if you want to rap during your performance. 

“Remember the Time”

If you prefer something fun yet mellow, “Remember the Time” is perfect for you. 

Lyrically, it’s about recalling the time you fell in love with someone. 

While it’s not the typical high-energy MJ track, it’s a bouncy and soulful song that fills you with utter bliss. It also has a memorable hook that’d captivate your audience. 

“The Girl Is Mine” ft. Paul McCartney 

When two stellar artists make music together, the end result is a masterpiece. 

“The Girl Is Mine” finds Jackson and McCartney fighting over a girl. 

Though rather than being a spiteful and sassy number, the track is a breezy listen with the right amount of playful banter. 

Since it’s easy to sing, we recommend it for duets with your family members or friends. 

“Black or White” 

Published in Jackson’s 1991 album Dangerous, this song embodies the theme of racial harmony. 

Backed by a catchy rock ‘n’ roll rhythm, it encourages us to live in peace with each other. Aside from having an optimistic message, it also has an upbeat vibe that makes it fun to sing. 

“One Day In Your Life” 

The King of Pop never misses with his romantic ballads. A soulful tempo, this track finds a wistful Jackson reassuring his ex-lover that she’ll regret leaving him. 

Accompanied by sweeping instrumentals, it’s the perfect dramatic “sad song” for anyone who’s reeling from a bad breakup. 

“Butterflies” ft. Marsha Ambrosius 

“Butterflies” deserves more love and attention for being unapologetically romantic and catchy at the same time. 

It has a sugary, laidback feel accompanied by elegant instrumentals. Besides, Jackson’s velvety vocals and Ambrosius’s emotive performance induces romantic jitters that we gladly welcome. 

It does have a few high-note parts, so be ready to stretch those cords if you want to sing this song. 

“Heal the World” 

Michael Jackson wasn’t just an artist, he was also a philanthropist. 

Released in 1992, “Heal the World” represented Jackson’s hope for a world without wars and suffering. The song is also linked to the Heal the World foundation, a charitable organization aimed at helping children. 

“Slave to the Rhythm” 

“Slave to the Rhythm” brings awareness to the oppression and inequality at the workplace, particularly for women. 

Featuring a mix of synths and electro-infused instrumentation, this infectious song makes us want to dance, effectively turning us “slaves” to its rhythm. 

We can’t help but empathize with the female protagonist of the track. It’s a high-energy yet powerful track with a message that remains relevant today. 

“Dirty Diana” 

Is it a surprise that this 1988 single was Princess Diana’s favorite song? 

We can’t blame her! This upbeat track is accompanied by a scathing guitar riff as Jackson tackles the issue of aggressive fans and groupies.

It’s an overall deep-hitting song that feels liberating to belt out aloud. 

“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” ft. Siedah Garrett

Jackson originally wanted to sing this song with Barbara Streisand or Whitney Houston, but ultimately ended up with Siedah Garrett. 

The song turned out amazing regardless as a vulnerable ballad about infatuation and attachment in romantic relationships. 

“Earth Song” 

This track has a melancholic tone to it, expressing Jackson’s concerns for the environment and animal welfare. 

The song is a blend of gospel, opera, and blues, accompanied by Jackson’s emotional vocals. It’s a great song that inspires and motivates us to do better on our planet. 

“Scream” ft. Janet Jackson 

“Scream” is an uptempo, hard-edged collaboration between Micheal and younger sister Janet. 

The song was directed toward the tabloid media and the ruthless scrutiny and rumors they put him through. 

With passionate instrumentals and lush harmonies, you can sing this track out loud as a way to release all that stress and negative emotions inside you. 

“Give in to Me”

Released in 1993, this moody ballad finds Jackson desiring the attention of his love interest. 

Featuring Slash’s rippling guitar work, it’s a gritty track that’d surely keep your audience hooked until the end. 

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