27 Best Queen Karaoke Songs

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Queen is, undoubtedly, one of the best and most enduring rock bands of all time. Even if you’re not a big fan of them, you would surely recognize some of their hits when they’re played or sung. 

The band has a versatile compilation of singles under their belt, from high-energy anthems to wistful, heart-tugging ballads. Their songs are equipped to entertain while being kept relatable and charming. This also makes their tracks great options for karaoke.  

We’ve rounded up 27 Queen songs that would turn your next karaoke party into a whole new experience. Whether you’re a fan of rock music or looking for something new to perform, you can’t go wrong with a Queen song!  

The Best Queen Karaoke Songs

“Bohemian Rhapsody” 

How can we not start off this list with the best Queen song of all time? 

Dubbed the band’s signature song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a rock-infused trip of passionate vocals, epic harmonies, and operatic instrumentals. 

It’s an awesome number, but it’s certain to strain your vocal cords if you’re not prepared well. Try to do some practice before bringing this song to the stage. 

Under Pressure” ft. David Bowie

“Under Pressure” is another amazing masterpiece that leaves an impression on any audience. 

This poignant anthem features a warm tune and melancholic vocals that reflect its message on how pressure can affect us. 

Like any Queen song, it’s not easy to sing and would be suited for more skilled singers. 

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy”

This glam-rock track is a sweet and simple single about Freddie being a good lover. 

Accompanied by a catchy, piano-driven rhythm, it has clever lyrics and a fun feel that make it entertaining. It’s a pretty fast song though, so make sure to memorize the verses before singing it at karaoke. 

“Stone Cold Crazy” 

It’s time to go stone cold crazy! This track is so full of energy and rhythm that it can be hard to keep up with. 

The lyrics make it seem like you’re going through the mind of a crazy man, hence the fast-paced instrumentals and vocals. 

If you’re up for a challenge that’ll make your crowd go wild, this song is perfect for you. 

“Ogre Battle” 

“Ogre Battle” is more of a story than a song and was a staple in the band’s live shows for a few years. 

This melodic track depicts the grand battle of the ogres at a mountain. The song features a sick guitar intro that is certain to get anyone hyped. 

“You’re My Best Friend”

This romantic ballad was written by the band’s bass player, John Deacon, for his wife. The track is a tribute to her, showcasing his appreciation for everything she’s done for him. 

A straightforward song, it has been used in many films and TV series like The Simpsons, Good Omens and My Name Is Earl

“I Want to Break Free”

Released in 1984, this song became popular due to its music video where all the members dressed in drag. 

With a catchy tune and carefree rhythm, it’s a relaxing track that also feels liberating to sing out. 

“A Kind of Magic” 

“A Kind of Magic” was written for the 1986 film Highlander by the band’s drummer, Roger Taylor. 

The song is a reference to the main character, Christopher MacLeod, and his immortality. It has a “magical” feel to it that makes it enjoyable to sing during karaoke. 

“Killer Queen” 

“Killer Queen” was the track that catapulted Queen to international stardom after its release in 1974. 

This upbeat single features elements of cabaret songs from the past and revolves around a high-class call girl. 

The infectious melody and witty lyrics make it a good choice if you want to take on something creative. 

“It’s Late”

Now this is a song that’ll get you deep in your feels. This track was composed by guitarist Brian May for the 1977 album News of the World

With a melancholic melody and wistful lyrics, it tells the story of an ending love affair and the betrayal the singer is experiencing. A perfect song to scream your heart out. 

“Hammer to Fall”

Accompanied by an irresistible rhythm and Mercury’s powerful vocals, it’s no wonder this song became a concert favorite. 

Oddly enough, despite having an uplifting feel, it’s actually about life and death and how death comes for us all. And yet, it’s a fun song that no one can resist singing along to. 

“Radio Ga Ga”

Have you ever wanted to know where Lady Gaga got her stage name from? It’s from this catchy song about radios. 

Inspired by his son’s pronunciation of the word “radio,” drummer Taylor wrote the song as a nostalgic defense of the device as it was losing out to television and music videos. 

The track features a classic ‘80s melody that perfectly captures the prominence and power of radios at that time. 

“The Miracle” 

“The Miracle” sets a more serious tone but is equally catchy and would be a solid option for karaoke. 

This track details the miracles in life, including the desire for world peace and an end to wars. With a positive message, it’s also great for singers of any skill level. 

“My Melancholy Blues” 

If you’re in the mood for something slow-paced with a jazzy vibe, this song certainly fits the bill!

It’s a lesser-known song, but “My Melancholy Blues” has its own unique charm. Featuring melancholic vocals, it details a bar patron going through heartbreak. 

With a piano-driven melody and simple lyrics, you’re certain to move your audience with this track. 


“Breakthru” might come off as a romantic ballad, but it’s been revealed to depict breaking through to the next stage of your life. 

The song starts out with a slow vocal harmony before transitioning into an uptempo, rock-infused number. It’s also easy to learn and sing, making it perfect for beginners. 

“I’m Going Slightly Mad”

This song has a whacky and lighthearted tone to it and was written with the intention to be humorous. Though it’s considerably ironic as the lyrics were about Mercury dealing with the long-term effects of AIDS. 

It’s an entertaining and enjoyable track that will definitely give everyone a good time. 

“Bicycle Race”

“Bicycle Race” is a unique song because, as the title implies, it is simply about bicycle riding. Yet Queen had somehow found a way to make it catchy and memorable with several political, social, and pop culture references. 

It’s not a deep track, but it’s guaranteed to make your audience want to dance! 

“The Prophet’s Song”

Brian May composed this song after having a dream of a bad flood while he was ill. It was published in the 1975 album A Night at the Opera

The unique instrumental arrangement and clever lyrics would surely wow your crowd. 

“Save Me” 

If a breakup ballad is what you’re looking for, “Save Me” is the best choice for you. 

This powerful rock track is based on Mercury’s own failing relationship, and the lyrics depict the sadness of separating from a loved one. It’s the perfect song to sing, dance, and cry to. 

“The Show Must Go On”

This hard rock single has just the right amount of raw emotion and drama that makes it a memorable classic. 

The story behind this track is heartbreaking, detailing Mercury’s effort to continue performing despite reaching the end of his life from AIDS. 

A complex track with sharp changes in tone, it’s better suited for seasoned singers. 

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

This pop anthem is one of Queen’s masterpieces that has aged well and remains a classic. 

With an energetic tune, it finds Mercury proclaiming to the world that he plans to stay on top without backing down. 

The lyrics are incredibly motivating and would uplift the spirits of anyone who hears it. This track is perfect for ending your karaoke night or getting everyone pumped. 

“We Are the Champions”

Everyone has heard this song at some point, especially at sporting events. 

It’s been cited as the catchiest recorded song, spawning many covers by famous artists like The Scorpions and Adam Lambert. 

The rippling instrumentals, powerful harmonies, and uplifting rhythm give it a unifying feel that will certainly get your audience to sing with you. 

“Seven Seas of Rhye”

Published in the band’s titular 1972 album, this track is inspired by a fantastical world that Mercury and his sister imagined as kids. 

It features a high-energy tune and fast-paced vocals. If you want to perform this song, make sure to memorize the verses first. 

“Lily of the Valley” 

This song is another one of Queen’s underrated tracks. Accompanied by melancholic instrumentals, it tells the story of a traveler in search of something precious and even references the song “Seven Seas of Rhye.” 

The track does go pretty high at some parts, so you might want to do some warmups for that. 

“We Will Rock You”

You’ve heard it at sport stadiums, arenas, concerts, and live shows, and it never fails to rile up the crowd. 

“We Will Rock You” is one of Queen’s biggest songs that gets you clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and singing at the top of your lungs. 

It’s a certified crowd-pleaser that will elevate your karaoke party to the next level. 

“Another One Bites the Dust” 

When it first dropped in 1980, it took the world by storm and came up as one of their biggest hits. 

This song is a creative blend of funk and rock, complete with a recognizable bass riff, catchy tune, and high-energy vocals. This fun banger will have everyone dancing and grooving!

“You Take My Breath Away”

Written by Mercury, this song is a romantic ballad as it finds the protagonist being infatuated with his love interest. 

It’s a simple and straightforward song with mellow instrumentals that capture the feeling of yearning. This track is perfect for dedicating to a special person. 

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