15 Best Songs About Coming Home (All Styles!)

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A lot of people have a moment in their lives where they feel like they are coming back to something—whether that’s actually home, another special place, or reconnecting with a person that they love and feel safe with.

It’s an important sensation, and there are some amazing songs out there that can help you reflect on how you feel.

Whatever sort of homecoming you want to celebrate, here are the 15 best songs about coming home.

The Best Songs About Coming Home

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” – John Denver

This song is famous for a reason; it has everything you could want in a homecoming song.

It’s sweet, loving, and full of affection for the place called home.

It has become a popular karaoke song, and it has an immensely catchy chorus that encapsulates everything that most people feel about their home country.

So many people are familiar with this song that it is probably one of the first you would think of when looking for a song about homecoming, and the lyrics are satisfying and soulful.

It was even used in a Studio Ghibli movie, Whisper of the Heart, because it is so powerful and popular. 

It touches on the feelings of homesickness and the love for the place where the singer has come from.

“Home” – Jack Johnson

If you want a song that reflects how home is about the people you love rather than a physical place, this beautiful melody is the perfect one for you.

If you’re already feeling a bit emotional, this is a sure way to make yourself cry even if home is just around the corner.

It can be an enormously comforting song for the days when you’re on the road and you need a reminder that the people who are with you are what truly matter in life.

Home can go wherever you go, as long as love travels with you.

“Coming Home” – Kaiser Chiefs

The title says it all.

This song is full of catchy lyrics that talk about getting back home where you belong after you have taken a long journey.

It runs through all the things that the band members have done and seen when they were away, and the chorus focuses on the joy of returning to your home.

With the instruction to “light a fire,” it reaches out directly to the people waiting for the travelers to return so that the space can be comfortable and the homecoming can be celebrated.

The travel hasn’t all been bad, but the focus is on getting back to where the person came from.

“Homeward Bound” – Simon and Garfunkel

This gorgeous, old classic is really a homage to anyone who has missed home while traveling.

The singers feel the sorrow of being constantly on the move, and they long for the return journey.

They think about the love who is waiting for them at the other end and feels the emptiness and mindlessness of the trip.

Every town they move through looks the same, and they feel a stranger wherever they go, longing for the familiarity of their home.

Even their music is “playing home,” echoing how their thoughts constantly return to their longing for their home.

“Castle on the Hill” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s music is often beautiful and soulful, and this song is no exception.

It celebrates the singer’s life and experiences, following the autobiographical journey of Sheeran’s childhood.

Dwelling on teenage heartbreak and the typical teenage attitude toward life, it echoes what many people have felt about leaving their childhood behind.

This is a song of nostalgia and loss, but its focus is on “can’t wait to go home.”

The singer can never truly return to his childhood, but the elements of childhood are all still inside him.

“Take Me Home” – Jess Glynne

In a slightly different vein, this song has the singer longing for somebody to take her home, back to where she belongs, where she can feel safe and protected.

It is not only focused on the homecoming but on the sense of safety and renewal that comes from falling in love with somebody and the feeling of home that accompanies that.

If you are longing to feel safe and protected by the people that you love and you want somebody to guide you back to the place where you will find healing, this song is the perfect way to express that.

“Coming Home” – Enrique Iglesias

If you feel you have lost your path in life and you need to get back to yourself, this is the track for you.

It talks about rediscovering yourself after a traumatic experience and encourages you to take a break and recuperate.

The lyrics explore coming home and getting away from the heartbreak and pain rather than enduring endlessly through a difficult experience that just keeps going on and on.

Anyone who is walking away from a toxic relationship or another challenging situation will find solace in this music.

“Temporary Home” – Carrie Underwood

For those who have never known a true home and who have spent time in the foster system, this is a phenomenally beautiful song.

Even if you had a stable childhood home, it’s an emotive message about finding strength and comfort within yourself, rather than within a place.

No matter who you are, you can find beauty in the lyrics that show there is no shame in not having a stable place where your roots belong.

“Home” – Daughtry

You are probably already familiar with this song, but it’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss when you want to feel that you can return to your place of comfort and safety.

We all need to take a break and step away sometimes, and this song is a reminder that you can do this when you have to.

It also reminds you that you don’t have to regret what you have done in order to want to return home.

You don’t have to have made mistakes in the interim period, and leaving doesn’t have to have been the wrong step to take.

“I’m Already There” – Lonestar

Any parent who works on the road will feel the beauty of this song, which reminds people that we are always with our family members and the people who matter even when we are a long way away.

It might be painful to have physical distance between us, but home never truly leaves us, and those who love us will hold us close.

With lines like, “I’m already there,” the singer points out that we are embodied in every part of the place where we belong and that we appear in all parts of life, whether mundane or otherwise.

“Lights” – Journey

This song is heavily associated with San Francisco, so you might feel that it doesn’t speak to you in the way that it does to others, but it’s still a beautiful track, and you may find aspects of it in your own home.

It portrays the warm feeling that most of us associate with home and the sense of longing to return when you are far away from it.

If you do happen to be from San Francisco, this song is a perfect one for calling yourself home!

After all, “when the sun shines on the bay,” you may feel yourself summoned back to the place where you belong.

“Coming Home” – Skylar Grey

If you would like something soulful and wistful, Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” is a beautiful reminder of how determined you might be to get home.

It talks about washing away the pain of the past and going back to the person’s own private kingdom.

There is some sense that the singer has done things that they would like to forget, but nothing will stop them from returning to the place that they have loved and the people that they know.

They want to announce to the whole world that they are “coming home.”

“Coming Home” – Leon Bridges

For a completely different sort of sound, try Leon Bridges’s song, which rejects all the rest of the world in favor of one girl—presumably his “home.”

He wants nothing but her, and everything else is being pushed away.

This is arguably about a relationship as much as a homecoming, but it’s still a beautiful song that emphasizes the importance of returning to a place or person you have loved.

“Almost Home” – Mariah Carey

This song received a lot of attention and was very popular when it was released, and it is a fabulous reminder about re-discovering yourself and remembering where you came from.

It talks about being left with nowhere else to go and being “almost home,” telling you to just keep going and not give up.

“Hometown Glory” – Adele

If you want to hear one of Adele’s most acclaimed early works, this is a beautiful song, inspired by events in her own life.

It dwells on the beauty and wonder with which you look at your home when you realize that you are going to leave it.

She apparently wrote it when she was in her teenage years, and it’s a great song for homecoming.

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