20 Songs About Being 20 (All Styles!)

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Being in your 20s can be a confusing stage in life.

You’re still trying to figure out who you are and your place in the world during this transitional period.

But that’s what also makes your 20s beautiful – you have so much room to grow from the mistakes you make and learn more about yourself. 

That’s why we have rounded a list of songs about being 20 to celebrate this weird and beautiful phase.

Whether it’s toasting to youth or wondering about the future, these tracks will make you reflect on your twenties. 

Songs About Being 20

“20 Something” – SZA 

Anyone who’s in their 20s should definitely give this beautiful 2017 R&B song a listen.

SZA bares her soul in this track, singing about how she feels like she’s running out of time and hopes to still keep her friends in her twenties.

This track is all about navigating through this confusing phase and SZA dedicates it to everyone in their twenties.

With meaningful lyrics and a simple, guitar-backed beat, “20 Something” is a track you can easily lose yourself in as you sing it out.                                             

“Not Nineteen Forever” – The Courteeners 

Though this song was released in 2008, it’s still relatable to those in their twenties.

Published as a single by the indie-rock band, The Courteeners, the track explores the complications and struggles of entering adulthood.

Aside from its upbeat rhythm and straightforward lyrics, it’s also pretty easy to sing.

Funnily enough, this single also was named Manchester United FC’s official celebration song for their 20th Premier League victory.

“Youth” – Troye Sivan 

Sometimes in your twenties, you just want to run away on an adventure, and Troye Sivan’s “Youth” captures that feeling perfectly.

Featured in his 2015 album The Blue Neighbourhood, this song isn’t just a love story, it also addresses the naivety, joy, and mistakes that happen in your twenties.

Aside from its catchy beat and relatable lyrics, Troye’s vocals are soft enough that any voice can tackle this song.  

“Wish You Were Sober” – Conan Gray 

This 2020 alt-pop song is so good, even Taylor Swift claims it’s her favorite song from the album.

“Wish You Were Sober” explores fleeting young love and the mistakes of one’s teenage years.

It’s a brutally honest song, with straightforward lyrics to an upbeat tune.

Anyone in their twenties will definitely relate to the message in this track. 

“At Least I Look Cool” – Sasha Alex Sloan 

It can be a struggle watching other people in their twenties have their lives already figured out.

This 2019 pop track is all about trying to act like you have your life together when you actually don’t.

The song features a simplistic beat, simple lyrics, and soft vocals that are reminiscent of how it feels like to navigate through this complicated period. 

“Under 21” – Ferris 

Imagine turning into an adult and being unable to drink because you’re not past the age limit yet.

Lyrically, this 1997 song is about being denied from entering a club because the singer isn’t at the legal age.

It’s a pretty comedic track, with a fast-paced melody and simple lyrics that will make you and your audience laugh. 

“Pushing 20” – Sabrina Carpenter

Being in your twenties can seem like there’s plenty to do.

The first single of the 2019 album Singular: Act II, “Pushing 20” talks about dealing with your own responsibilities instead of the opinions of others.

Influenced by hip hop and trap, this track has a distinct beat that makes it an absolute bop.

Everyone will surely be dancing along with you if you sing it during your karaoke session. 

“Twenty-Somethings” – Judah & the Lion

Released in 2014, this country-infused pop number describes the lives of most people in their twenties and how they’re still searching for their identity.

With a simple, guitar-backed tune, this track is full of feel-good vibes down to its honest lyrics and relaxed vocals.

You can definitely relate to most of its verses, especially the “Got no money” part. 

“Schoolin’ Life” – Beyonce 

Queen Bey never misses with her songs, and this poppy R&B track is no different.

Released in 2011, this uptempo song talks about life and growing up.

Featuring a fast-paced rhythm inspired by Prince’s works, it’s a fun song you can dance to while relating to its lyrics. 

“Young, Wild, and Free” – Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, ft. Bruno Mars

While the music video is about high school life, people in their twenties can also relate to the lyrics of this song.

The lead single for the 2011 film Mac & Devin Go To High School, this track is about enjoying life to the max while still being young and carefree. 

Since it’s a pop-rap number, it’s the best choice if you want to show off your rapping skills. 

“Numb Little Bug” – Em Beihold 

Getting tired from dealing with life is normal in your twenties.

“Numb Little Bug” is a 2022 pop song that really depicts the exhaustion of surviving each day and feeling like you’re not good enough.

Despite its more somber lyrical content, the track features a bouncy rhythm and relaxed vocals that hook you straight into it.

Since its release, it’s gone viral on Tiktok, with many people using it in the background of their videos. 

“Daydream” – Tori Kelly 

Released in 2013 for her album Foreword, “Daydream” is a must for anyone experiencing their twenties.

This slow-paced R&B song explores having dreams of your own and trying to figure yourself out.

The lyrics are incredibly relatable and uplifting to anyone who’s trying to pursue their dreams. 

“Twenty Nothing” – Spector 

An indie-rock number, “Twenty Nothing” was published in the band’s 2012 album Enjoy It While It Lasts.

This catchy track is about holding on to the things you love as you grow up, which is something most people in their twenties can relate to.

With its upbeat melody and simplistic lyrics, this is a song that will definitely get everyone to dance. 

“Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield 

Taking a step back to the 2000s is a classic track that has been featured in many media.

“Unwritten” was first released in 2004 and went on to become a hit in the UK and US.

The song talks about being true to yourself and living freely without worrying about other people’s opinions.

Aside from being used in lots of movies, it even became the theme song for the MTV series The Hills.  

“What’s My Age Again” – blink-182

This catchy 1999 song is arguably one of the greatest pop-punk anthems of all time.

Published in 1999, it explores recklessness in your youth and living life the way you want it even if people call you immature.

With its straightforward lyrics and distinct, guitar-backed tune, you’ll surely find yourself enjoying this song a lot, and most likely your audience will too. 

“Life of the Party” – Shawn Mendes 

Though the title implies it may be a dance song, it’s actually a slow-paced track with a message that’ll hit you deep, especially if you’re in your twenties.

First released in 2014, the single is about taking the opportunity to enjoy youth and stand in the spotlight while you still can.

The minimal instrumentals and romantic lyrics make it a great song to sing when everyone’s calm and chill. 

“Twenty One” – Khalid 

Everyone goes through a state of feeling lost when they’re in their twenties.

This 2019 R&B ballad depicts the sorrows of not knowing what to do with your life.

Despite that, Khalid provides reassurance in the lyrics by asking us to “hold on tight.”

With its quiet melody and straightforward verses, this song will inspire you to keep hoping and working toward the future you want. 

“Sugar Mountain” – Neil Young 

Some songs talk about the loss of youth as you grow older, and “Sugar Mountain” is the prime example of that.

This 1977 folk track details Neil’s memories of growing up in his hometown, but most young adults can relate to its hard-hitting lyrical content.

Accompanied by simple instrumentals, you need to put your whole heart into this song to really pull it off. 

“22” – Taylor Swift 

If you’re in your twenties and love T. Swift, this song is the perfect choice for you.

This upbeat, bubblegum-pop track explores the joys of turning 22 and partying with your friends to celebrate this event.

But anyone in their twenties will find themselves feeling connected to the message of wanting to be carefree but also being afraid to let loose.

As expected from a pop song by Taylor Swift, it’s hard to resist dancing to its catchy tune. 

“When I Grow Up” – NF 

This 2019 hip hop song might be about NF’s life, but anyone in their twenties will definitely connect to its message.

Over a simple melody, the track describes the struggles of chasing your dreams and facing hardships while you do so.

The song is catchy without a doubt and would be a good choice to test how well you can rap. 

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