23 Songs with High Notes (Try Hitting These!)

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As a singer, being able to reach the high notes in a song is an impressive feat. We have many well-known and amazing pop divas who were able to do so like Ariana Grande and Whitney Houston. 

If you want to improve your singing skills and develop your vocal range, the best way is to practice with songs that go heavy on the high notes. 

In this article, we’ll be going over a list of songs with high notes that you can sing to have fun and challenge yourself. 

The Best Songs with High Notes

Emotions” – Mariah Carey

“Emotions” has a reputation for being Carey’s most vocally-demanding track. 

The song starts off with a low register before going absurdly high to portray the different feelings the protagonist experiences. 

This track has such high notes that no one’s been able to hit them as well as Carey did. 

“No Tears Left to Cry” – Ariana Grande

This self-lifting anthem marked Grande’s return to the music scene after the 2017 Manchester bombing attack. 

The song is all about optimism, positivity, and self-confidence as Ariana sings about moving on with new hope. 

As expected of Grande, she hits some high notes in the track and holds it incredibly well, sending a message to everyone that she’s back in the game. 

“Morph” – Twenty One Pilots

Released in the 2018 album Trench, this fast-paced track discusses becoming someone you’re not and what happens after death. 

Though it doesn’t have many high notes, the song shifts from R&B falsettos to quick rapping in different verses. 

It makes a great challenge to see if you can tackle various genres in a single track. 

“Chandelier” – Sia 

“Chandelier” was Sia’s breakthrough hit that catapulted her and her soaring vocals to world–renowned success. 

Despite its powerful melody, it’s actually a sad song that revolves around drug and alcohol addiction. 

The track is well-known for its high notes, but Sia hits them with the right amount of emotion that allows us to connect with it.

“Somebody to Love” – Queen 

Released in 1976 album A Day at the Races, this song focused on themes of desperation, faith, and soul-searching. 

Inspired by Aretha Franklin, the song features gospel-esque harmonies and rich instrumentals that amplify the band’s vocals. 

Though it doesn’t have an insanely high register, it’s best to do some warmups so you don’t strain your voice when you reach the chorus. 

“A Moment Like This” – Leona Lewis 

Lewis won The X Factor in 2006 with this melodic ballad and it’s not hard to see why. 

The track creeps up in pitch as it reaches the final chorus, but Lewis hit those high notes effortlessly, leaving us with an emotionally-powerful masterpiece. 

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – Christina Aguilera

It might just be a cover, but Aguilera knows how to put her own unique twist on this well-known Christmas standard. 

The song starts out quiet and low before ascending with a majestic arrangement of high notes that Aguilera pulls off with her angelic vocals. 

“You’re Beautiful” – James Blunt 

“You’re Beautiful” is arguably Blunt’s most well-known song and a standout track from the 2000s. 

The song is about Blunt’s ex-girlfriend, whom he had seen with a new partner on the subway. 

With a simple melody, this track is a mix of high and low notes, so you might want to practice first before singing it at karaoke. 

“Animals” – Maroon 5

Adam Levine has a really high-pitched voice and it truly shows in this creepy 2014 song. 

The track compares human desires to animalistic tendencies, even adding wolf howls into the song for effect. 

It’s not an easy song, but we can’t deny it’s catchy and freeing to sing, especially the chorus. 

“Writing’s on the Wall” – Sam Smith

If you’re a fan of James Bond, you would be familiar with this song. 

Featured in the 2015 film Spectre, this song is an orchestral masterpiece that conveys lots of emotion through its high notes. 

The track is a great challenge if you want to develop your range. 

“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

Dolly Parton might have written the song, but Houston turned it into an iconic composition with her unique vocals. 

Featured in the film The Bodyguard, Houston’s cover is powerful and emotional as the song revolves around a painful breakup. 

Many famous artists have covered this song and made it their own, and it just might be your turn. 

“Halo” – Beyonce

Honestly, we could have put any of Beyonce’s songs on this list. 

But “Halo” doesn’t just showcase Beyonce’s vocal prowess, it also bursts with raw emotion that uplifts the spirits of anyone who hears it. 

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson 

“Thriller” is so significant in modern pop culture that it’s associated with the Halloween season today. 

The song is scattered with high notes, but it goes particularly high at the “‘Cause this is thriller tonight” part. 

It’s tough to measure up to Jackson’s vocals, but the track is so iconic that it’s worth at least one attempt. 

“Heart Attack” – Demi Lovato

Released in 2013, “Heart Attack” describes the fear of falling in love. 

With a fast-paced, electro-infused rhythm, Lovato smoothly hits the low and high notes in the song, giving us a stunning vocal performance. 

It’s a hard song to sing, but we believe it’s definitely worth it for the experience alone. 

“Fallin’” – Alicia Keys 

“Fallin’” was Key’s debut single that brought her fame and success and kickstarted her singing career. 

This R&B smash hit is dramatic from start to finish, especially with its gospel-infused chorus. 

The song had been awarded three Grammies in 2002, including Best Song of the Year and Best R&B Song. 

“All By Myself” – Celine Dion 

Originally written by Eric Carmen, Dion’s cover is absolutely majestic and considerably the most notable version out there. 

It’s an anthem of high and powerful notes, yet Dion performs it with passion and skill that sweeps you off your feet. 

“Crazy” – Aerosmith

This 1993 banger turned out to be the band’s second highest charting single from their album Get a Grip

It’s a simple romantic track that sees the protagonist falling madly in love. 

While you’ll open the song with pretty low notes at first, you’ll be wailing “Crazy” by the time you hit the chorus. 

“Never Be the Same” – Camila Cabello 

Originally titled “Nicotine,” this 2018 track details the chaotic experience of falling in love. 

Cabello’s range in this song is inspiring as she shifts easily from low to high, hitting each note perfectly. 

With sweeping instrumentals, this song will surely leave you out of breath by the time you reach the “never be the same” part. 

“Stayin’ Alive” – Bee Gees

This 1977 track is pretty much an icon of its time and one of the Bee Gees’s most well-known singles. 

Featured in the opening of the film Saturday Night Fever, it’s a catchy and upbeat song that features the Bee Gees hitting every high note flawlessly. 

It’s going to be hard matching up to the Bee Gees’s vocals, but it’s such a fun song that no one’s going to mind you messing it up. 

“Feeling Good” – Muse 

Like Nina Simone and Michael Buble, Muse has their own version of the 1964 jazz standard. 

The cover has a more punk feel to it, featuring gritty instrumentals and screeching vocals. 

“Hello” – Adele

Released in the 2015 album 25, this ballad is about Adele’s regrets and grief over a broken relationship. 

Accompanied by a piano-backed tune, it’s a heartbreaking song that just tugs the heartstrings. 

The first part of the song is still manageable, but once you reach the chorus, make sure to take a deep breath or your voice will be pushed to the brink. 

“My Immortal” – Evanescence

“My Immortal” has a subdued and haunting tone to it, which really fits as it’s about dealing with the loss of a loved one. 

While Amy Lee’s vocals are scaled back in this track, she still delivers an emotionally powerful performance. 

If you really want to get this song right, you have to sing with a resonant yet restrained voice. 

“Praying” – Kesha 

In 2017, Kesha returned to the music scene with this complex ballad about healing and religion. 

“Praying” was a departure from Kesha’s usual style and themes, yet it showcased how high and powerful her vocals could go. 

With simple instrumentals, this song will definitely have you screaming until the end. 

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