5 Karaoke Games To Spice Up Your Next Party

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5 Fun Karaoke Games For Your Next Party

Karaoke is a great pastime, especially when you’re with friends or at a party. Karaoke gives you a spotlight and lets you be a star, even if just for a moment. But it’s your moment. And that’s what makes it so special…

Another way of spicing up your karaoke party is by adding a bit of friendly competition and a dose of silliness through games.

Games heighten the energy in a room and karaoke games, in particular, are awesome in their own way.

Karaoke games can make people feel less pressured and self-conscious about sounding good while also encouraging people to have fun playing.

Here are five karaoke games you should try to bring your party to the next level!

1. Karaoke Roulette

A simple game that’s built all on suspense.

Place everyone’s name in a bowl, hat, or cup.

Scroll through a list of songs and stop at a random song.

Alternatively, there’s also an app called karaoke roulette that will pick a song for you when you shake your phone.

Whoever’s name is drawn from the hat gets to sing the song. 

2. Hat of Horrors

This game is similar to a karaoke roulette, only instead of picking a random song from the list, everyone in the group thinks of a song that they would never want to sing themselves.

In other words, a song they would dare someone else to sing.

It could be a song that’s really difficult to sing like Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”. Another option would be to choose fun/silly songs like the B-52’s “Rock Lobster”, or “Karma Chameleon” by the Culture Club.

Everyone takes a turn drawing from the mystery hat (or cup, bowl, what have you) and sings whatever they pick.

3. Name That Tune

This is a great game for any party but definitely the most fitting for a karaoke party.

This game can be played through players being divided into teams or just one-on-one.

A vital part of this game is that the title of the song or any song credits should be hidden from view at all times. The point of the game is to be the first person to guess the title of the song correctly.

There are different ways to play this game as a group.

The party can choose a designated singer/moderator who will sing the songs for the entirety of the game and whoever guesses correctly first wins.

Another way is each player from each team gets a turn to sing a song that the other team or teams have to guess and if they can’t guess a song then they lose a point, a turn, or the game itself.

4. Don’t Forget the Lyrics

This is another karaoke game that can be played in a variety of ways. This game can be played by teams, duos, or one-on-one. The point of the game is to guess the lyrics of the song correctly.

The first variation is having a moderator for the game.

The moderator picks a random song and sings the song then pauses whenever they want, making sure that the next lyrics are hidden from view. Whoever guesses the next lines correctly wins a point or the game.

The second variation is for competing teams to pick their own songs, the edge here is that teams can choose songs that are really obscure or difficult to lessen the chances of the opposing team to know what the lyrics are.

Rap songs are always a great choice for this game, as long as whoever’s singing or rapping can pull it off.

Other strategic choices would be old-timey songs – think “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, or songs that are sung by vocalists with heavy accents, like the Arctic Monkeys or The 1975.

5. Song Association

This game goes exactly like the Song Association game on ELLE’s Youtube Channel. This game can be played by teams, duos, or one-on-ones.

Everyone writes down a word – any word!

The fun is in the challenge itself.

The bits of paper with the words are all shaken in hat, cup, or bowl..

Each member or player draws a word and has to think of a song that has the word they’ve picked from the hat. And then, they must also sing the song.

You can make this game even more challenging by adding additional rules.

You can set rules like the word has to be in the title of song, not just in the lyrics.

You can also set a no-repeat; if a song has been sung then it can’t be sung again, even if it’s a different word.

We hope these fives games have inspired you to try something new next time you do karaoke. Let the shenanigans begin!

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