4 Ways to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV

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  • How do I connect my karaoke system to my TV?
  • Can I connect my karaoke system wirelessly?
  • How do I know if my karaoke system is successfully connected?

A karaoke system is a very reliable way to add some lighthearted and memorable entertainment to a variety of social gatherings. You can use a karaoke system to liven up parties and get guests to break out of their comfort zones with their favorite songs to sing. You can also use karaoke systems to practice your singing skills in your spare time alone or with friends.

Because karaoke is a visual experience, you’ll need a simple but reliable TV to connect to and play your karaoke lyrics and cues. Karaoke systems can connect to TVs in a handful of ways, and it’s handy to know which method works best for your TV and karaoke system. In this article, we’ll show you four ways to connect your karaoke system to a TV. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV

Karaoke systems are designed to connect to a variety of classic and modern television sets. Yo connectivity options may depend on the model of the tv or karaoke system that you are using. However, the most common connectivity types are:

  • RCA Cables
  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth
  • Local Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

Below we’ll show you how to connect your karaoke system to a TV using one of the four methods listed above. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV via RCA

An RCA connection is most commonly found on older TV models, but you can still find and use them on some modern TV sets if your HDMI ports are already occupied by another device. 

  1. It’s generally a good idea to switch your television off when making new connections. Make sure that your television is turned off and that you can safely reach the connection ports. 
  2. Your RCA cable consists of three color-coded jack heads—red, white, and yellow. The red and white jack heads are used for audio, and the yellow provides the signal for video playback. 
  3. Connect the RCA cables to their corresponding color-coded ports in the TV. Make sure that these cables are also in their correct ports on the karaoke system. 
  4. Turn your karaoke system on. Turn your TV and select the input mode that is connected to the RCA ports. Your tv should play both the video and audio that comes from the karaoke system. 
  5. Check that the audio works on both the red and white audio RCA cables by removing each one separately during audio playback. If you remove one of the audio cables and the sound stops playing, your RCA cable or port might have a faulty connection. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV via HDMI

HDMI cables are the most common form of connection between most modern TVs and devices. This connection can be used to connect a TV to a laptop, gaming device, and other devices that produce audio and video playback. The advantage of an HDMI connection is that it carries both the audio and video in a single cable and reliably generates high-quality video and audio. 

  1. Make sure to turn your TV off before connecting your karaoke system. Also, make sure you can safely access the TV’s HDMI ports. 
  2. Locate and find the HDMI ports on your TV and karaoke system. Connect these ports using a single HDMI cable. 
  3. Turn your TV on and select the HDMI mode on your TV’s input options. 
  4. Test out your karaoke system to make sure that there’s audio and video playback without any interference. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV via Wireless Network

Many karaoke systems offer wireless connectivity options that you can use to connect to your TV. WiFi connections require a stable network for a smooth connection, but the setup is a relatively simple process and can be done in minutes. 

  1. Ensure that your TV and karaoke system are switched on and connected to the same local wireless network. 
  2. Activate pairing mode on your karaoke system by holding down the respective mode button/control for this function. 
  3. Open input options on your TV and select the wireless network mode. Search for available devices from your TV and select your karaoke system when it appears under this list. 
  4. Your karaoke system should be paired and connected to your TV. Try out a song to ensure that the audio and video playbacks are stable. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a TV via Bluetooth

Much like a wireless connection, several karaoke systems offer Bluetooth as a connectivity option. If your TV has Bluetooth connectivity, this can often be one of the simplest and quickest ways to establish a wireless connection. 

  1. Start by turning on both your TV and your karaoke system. 
  2. Activate the Bluetooth mode on your karaoke system by pressing its respective Bluetooth mode button. Most systems will emit a static blue LED to indicate that Bluetooth mode is activated. 
  3. Make sure to initiate pairing mode on the karaoke system as well. This is usually done by holding down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds until the LED begins flashing. 
  4. Open up the input options on your TV and select Bluetooth mode. You will need to search for the karaoke system under your list of found/available devices. Once the name of the karaoke machine appears under the list of devices, select it to pair and connect. 
  5. Make sure to disconnect any other Bluetooth devices from your TV to ensure a stable connection to your karaoke system. 

How to Connect a Karaoke System to a Smart TV via Bluetooth

Smart TVs generally use wireless connections to connect to devices like our karaoke system. You can connect your karaoke system to your Smart TV using the same methods listed for wireless connections above (WiFi and Bluetooth). Make sure that you know which connection option works best for both your TV and karaoke system. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, four quick and easy ways to connect your karaoke system to your TV. You can use the above-listed steps to connect your karaoke system to most models of classic and modern TVs as well as Smart TVs.

If you run into any further playback or connection issues, try contacting a local technician or see if your TV manufacturer has a customer support service on hand. 


  • Can I connect my karaoke system using HDMI?

Yes. A large number of karaoke systems use HDMI as their standard wired connection option. Be sure to place your TV and karaoke machine within close range while using an HDMI connection, and try to avoid using cheap HDMI cables. 

  • Why won’t my karaoke system pair with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity issues can usually be traced back to a connectivity error from either device’s Bluetooth chip. These errors can usually be fixed by resetting the Bluetooth connection between the karaoke system and the TV. You can also try turning both devices on and off again to see if this resets the Bluetooth connection.

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