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7 Best Professional Karaoke Machines In 2019

7 Best Professional Karaoke Machines In 2019

There has never been a better time to embarrass yourself in front of your friends while singing along to hit songs! Often times, you need to go to a venue that has all of the equipment and that can be a hassle.

Well, why not just do it in the comfort of your own home, right?

Thankfully, companies have delivered in 2019 with a lot of great karaoke set-ups for your own home. Below is a run-down of 7 of the best in-home karaoke systems on the market.

Each of these karaoke systems provides its own unique benefits. Some are louder than others, some are more adaptable to other electronics, some have screens, etc. Regardless, certainly one of these systems will suit what you’re looking for.

7 Top Tier Karaoke Machines Of 2019

Pyle Bluetooth PA PSUFM1043BT (Most Powerful!)

Pyle Bluetooth PA PSUFM1043BT
The price tag on this system puts it on the pricier side but it provides a lot of features that justify the cost in my opinion. It’s definitely a good option if you're looking for an all-in-one karaoke system that is literally going to be the lifeblood of the party (besides the copious amounts of vodka).

If you’ve read anything on our blog, chances are you’ve seen the brand name Pyle come up. And for good reason — they’re never a bad move when talking about audio equipment — they’re a highly reputable company that’s been around since 1960.

The PSUFM1043BT might not have the prettiest name in the world, but trust me when I say it’s an absolute beast of an “all in one” karaoke system.

The built-in light show is a feature that even that die-hard LED snob your husband keeps bringing over is going to love, I promise.

Be warned though — this thing is LOUD.

At 2000 watts, this thing is no joke — and it’s designed for the karaoke lover who wants it all. That being said, it is equipped with removable wheels for easier transport — THANK GOD!!!

The system is loaded with features including:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • FM radio
  • Treble, bass, and echo audio controls.
  • AUX input
  • USB input
  • Two wired-mic inputs
  • One wireless microphone.

The Bluetooth compatibility allows you to easily connect a smartphone or tablet to the system. From there you will be able to play music via Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, or whatever music app you happen to use.

The price tag on this system puts it on the pricier side (check latest price on Amazon here) but it provides a lot of features that justify the cost in my opinion. It’s definitely a good option if you’re looking for an all-in-one karaoke system that is literally going to be the lifeblood of the party (besides the copious amounts of vodka).


  • Best light show display
  • Most powerful speakers
  • All the features you need


  • Pretty expensive
  • Hard to bring around, it’s heavy
  • Only one microphone

View specs and read customer reviews of the Pyle PSUFM1043BT Bluetooth PA here.

Singsation Mainstage (Most Fun!)

Singsation Mainstage
While not the best speakers on the market, this thing is absolutely feature-packed. It's the defining reason why the Singsation Mainstage has become such a successful product. It's also super easy to setup, and a lot of fun.

The Singsation Mainstage provides a completely different alternative to a system like the Pyle PSUFM1043BT.

Where the Pyle focuses on power and volume, the Singsation is a lot smaller in size, making it highly portable.

However, being that the speakers are much smaller, sound quality is sacrificed. This one would suit smaller homes perfectly, and is likely to not disturb the neighbors with earth-shattering bass.

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The Singsation provides a light show to go along with the karaoke, and it has a lot of different light settings.

It also comes with various sound effects such as applause, laughter, and several others. Also, there are 60 voice FX! That feature alone makes this system a lot of fun to mess around with.

It comes with:

  • Two plug-in microphones
  • A remote controller
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • As well as a stand for your phone or tablet
  • Foot pedals to control features of the system

The system comes with no visual display but the Bluetooth allows you to use your phone or tablet to connect to any karaoke app available or YouTube.

The stand turns out to be a really great feature since you can keep the device you linked at eye-level. There are also foot pedals in addition to the remote, making it easy to control the system.


  • This unit has every feature
  • The included stand for your phone is unique
  • Light show display
  • Easy to bring around


  • Small speakers
  • Most expensive unit
  • Not as durable as some of the heavier machines on here

View specs and read customer reviews of the Singsation Mainstage here.

Singing Machine ISM1030BT (Most Feature-Packed)

Singing Machine ISM1030BT
The all-in-one karaoke machine to rule all of them. While there are no pretty lights, connectivity options are unrivalled, plus you get a bunch of other great features like a handy screen, a tablet holder, two microphones and two speakers that pack a punch.

The Singing Machine ISM1030BT can be classed as an all-in-one karaoke hub.

While this system does not include any pretty lights, it does have a visual display, a place to rest your tablet, two built-in microphones, and two tall tower speakers.

There is Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s one of the few systems which still offers CD compatibility.

While I personally never use CDs anymore, some might find this feature handy, or even essential.

The tower speakers are not very mobile so you are probably not going to be bringing this around to other people’s parties.

The sound quality is excellent and loud enough to fill up a whole room, even at half volume. Take a look at its full audio specs here.

You can also connect this system to your TV, making it very easy to follow the lyrics as you sing along.


  • Basically a whole entertainment center in your home
  • Tower speakers provide good sound
  • Built-in digital display


  • Not the newest technology out there, but still relevant enough.
  • Not the cheapest either.

View specs and read customer reviews of the Singing Machine here.

Pyle PWMA335BT (Best For Outdoors)

Pyle PWMA335BT
If you plan on hosting outdoor karaoke parties, like at pools, BBQs, function halls and the like -- the Pyle PWMA335BT is the portable all-in-one solution to consider.

The Pyle PWMA335BT is similar to the other Pyle system mentioned above, however, this one is made for outdoors so it is more mobile, durable, and a bit smaller.

Although the system may be smaller, the 8″ subwoofer still creates ridiculously powerful audio. It’s more than capable of powering medium-sized pool parties, BBQs or indoor gatherings.

This karaoke system is not equipped with a display, however, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a USB port, makes it easy for you to use your smartphone or tablet to operate the system.

It’s also equipped with DJ lights, and although the result is not quite as impressive as the light show offered by the other Pyle model, it is still a fun feature.

The system only comes with one wired microphone as well as a headset, so you’ll need to buy another mic if you want to do duets.

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The PWMA335BT supports audio recording as well as FM radio.

You can keep the system plugged in but it also comes with a battery that allows you to use it wirelessly for a few hours at a time.

There is a handle and the unit sits on two wheels which allow for easy transport. There is also a remote which allows for control of the system without needing to use the built-in controls on the unit itself.

While the Singsation Mainstage is probably the most portable of the systems we are looking at, this one is almost as mobile with bigger and higher quality speakers (check audio specs here) — making it a highly versatile karaoke system.

Also, the price tag on this unit puts it in the more affordable category, which obviously — is good (Unless you hate money).


  • More practical than other Pyle system
  • Mobile, but the sound doesn’t suffer
  • Reasonable price


  • Comes with only one microphone
  • Not as many features as other systems

View specs and read customer reviews of the Pyle PWMA335BT here.

Enklov Karaoke Machine (Most Versatile)

Arguably the most versatile out of all the all-in-one karaoke machines listed here -- the ENKLOV delivers great sound, portability, connectivity, recording features and more. With a really affordable price point, it's hard to go wrong with this one.

The Enklov provides a combination of many of the best features from the products above.

The unit itself is similar in size to the Pyle PWMA335BT, the outdoor model, and so it is not difficult to move around. Like the Pyle, this system provides great audio quality via its 160-watt speaker.

The Enklov can be connected to Bluetooth, USB, or you can connect to FM radio.

The 5-hour battery life is about as good as you are going to get for this type of product. This model is durable and so outdoor use is as appropriate as indoor use.

There are lights built-in which will sync up with the music being played, although they won’t provide a full light show as is the case with the first two products mentioned. This product provides an audio recording feature as well.

Where many of the above products come with wired microphones, this one comes with two wireless microphones which is certainly an enticing aspect, considering there are so many machines out there that only give you one.

Also, one of the unique features of this system is that there is a separate jack input that you could even connect a guitar or external instrument to.


  • Unit looks sleek and well-made
  • Offers a lot of features
  • External instrument/guitar input
  • Two wireless microphones


  • Pretty expensive
  • No digital display

View specs and read customer reviews of the Enklov Karaoke Machine here.

TONOR PA Karaoke System (Most Portable!)

TONOR PA Karaoke System
For those looking for a no-frills karaoke machine that removes the bells and whistles and keeps it simple -- the TONOR PA is the one. While there are no lights, all the connectivity options are present, even with an AUX plug and FM radio function.

If you went strictly by looks, you might go so far as to say the TONOR PA is the least appealing system discussed in this article. Don’t be fooled — the system may not be equipped with its own light show, but it’s featured here for a reason.

It has all the bells and whistles you would want as far as connectivity goes. There is Bluetooth to hook up to your phone, there are wires which allow you to connect to a TV or computer, there are antennas for FM radio, and there is an AUX plug

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For an in-depth look into its specs, click here.

This karaoke speaker is the smallest on this list, and therefore it is the easiest to bring around with you, and is ideal for use indoors at small parties or in classrooms.

Although this speaker is small, the sound is crisp. The two wireless microphones included are above average quality, and won’t need replacing for years to come.

The sound controls aren’t as comprehensive as some of the other systems, but you’ll be able to control the important ones — namely the treble, bass, and echo.

My only gripe with this system is that the four-foot wire is well — a bit short. This means it will need to be placed close to an outlet.

That aside, it’s a solid option considering it’s affordability, compactness and ease-of-use (my grandma could set this up!)


  • Very easy to bring with you
  • Two wireless microphones
  • Pretty affordable


  • Very small speaker
  • Short power cord

View specs and read customer reviews of the TONOR Karaoke System here.

MAONO 30W Karaoke System (Most Durable!)

MAONO 30W Karaoke System
Built like an absolute tank, the MAONO 30W could be described as bomb proof. While this is obviously an exaggeration, it is highly durable and perfect for families with kids. Again, it's a no-frills option with no light shows or fancy features -- but rest assured the sound rocks any party thrown at it

The feature which sets the MAONO 30W apart, and you can see this as soon as you look at the unit — is the durability.

Durability is worth mentioning, particularly if you have little monsters chilldren in your house. The MAONO is pretty much accident-proof and it provides great sound through a 500-watt (peak power) speaker.

As with the TONOR PA, this unit is pretty ‘plain Jane’ and does not provide any light show, but the durability alone makes it worth consideration. It is overall most comparable to the TONOR PA, but with a bigger speaker. It comes with two wireless microphones.

The subwoofer provides ample deep bass and clear midrange. Take a look at the audio specs here. The system can support up to three microphones simultaneously. This unit is also among the easiest to use, all of the knob controls are straightforward.

The MAONO 30W can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, or AUX. The battery lasts 4-6 hours and as an added bonus, if you plug your phone into the USB, it will charge it!

The price tag puts this unit on the more expensive side, but it’s safe to say that most of the features justify the price.


  • Comes with two wireless mics
  • Offers third mic input
  • Extremely durable


  • Doesn’t offer many features
  • No light show or sound effects

View specs and read customer reviews of the MAONO

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a karaoke system, you’re in luck — we’re absolutely SPOILT for choice these days.

With so many brands in the market trying to outdo each other on features, the competitive market has helped keep prices low and innovation high.

The prices of the 7 we’ve listed vary in price and power.

Power levels vary with the smallest speakers being about 200 watts, and the most powerful speakers being 2,000 watts.

I guess the most important thing you need to keep in mind is how much power you think you’ll need. Opt for a larger system if you’re thinking of hosting larger parties.

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