25 Best Adele Karaoke Songs (2023)

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Over the years, Adele has been making a name for herself, creating hit after hit that never fails to leave us talking, laughing, or sobbing. Adele’s music just hits the right spot, her powerful and warm vocals capturing the human experience of love and heartbreak in an indescribable way. 

Her songs are guaranteed to please and move your audience. That’s why we’re highlighting 25 of the best Adele songs for an amazing karaoke experience. From catchy numbers about falling in love to epic ballads of secret spies, there’s an Adele song that you can’t help but bring to the stage.

The Best Adele Karaoke Songs

“I Drink Wine”

“I Drink Wine” is based on Adele’s real-life divorce from her husband Simon Konecki. 

It was released on her 2022 album 30 and is considered one of the highlights of her music career. 

This gospel-infused ballad has a very personal touch, and the lyrics will surely hit home for some. 

“Easy on Me” 

This 2021 pop-ballad is dedicated to Adele’s son, Angelo. Lyrically, it details Adele’s request for him to be kind to her as she pushes through the aftermath of her failed marriage. 

Accompanied by a sparse piano tune, it’s a poignant song that singers of any range can sing. 


Five years after her phenomenal 2011 album 21, Adele gifts us with a tear-tugging, heartbreaking ballad about regret and nostalgia. 

The song centers around your typical breakup, but the piano-driven melody and Adele’s impassioned vocals cuts to the deepest core of our souls. 

It’s a big ballad that requires practice and skill to pull off, thus it’s more suited for seasoned singers. 

“Water Under the Bridge”

This R&B-influenced track might give off the feel of a breakup ballad, but it actually focuses on forgiveness and compromise in romantic relationships. 

Set to a catchy, groove-driven tune, it’s a mellow and emotional song that builds up to a satisfying finish. 

“Set Fire to the Rain”

“Set Fire to the Rain” is another Adele masterpiece, revolving around themes of betrayal and the impossibility of letting go of a loved one. 

The track was a massive success the day it debuted and even won a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2013. 

Oozing with emotion, this powerful ballad feels especially epic when you sing it on stage. 

“Rolling in the Deep”

“Rolling in the Deep” finds Adele expressing her emotions and giving a snarky send-off to an unfaithful ex-lover. 

The song is a smooth mix of gospel and disco, making it a great choice for a stellar performance. 

“Love in the Dark”

This slow and sad track is actually inspired by Adele’s rebound relationship before she met her official partner. 

The song finds Adele being unable to stay with him and deciding to break it off, coming to terms that they’re incompatible. 

The simple instrumentals and Adele’s majestic vocals give it a captivating vibe that would leave an impression on your audience. 

“Million Years Ago”

“Million Years Ago” details Adele’s bittersweet feelings for the days before fame and how it has affected her. 

Accompanied by only a guitar, the melody of the song is taken from The Phantom of the Opera. The vulnerable feel of the track makes you think back of your innocent childhood days. 

“Rumour Has It”

This bluesy pop single isn’t just catchy, it’s also fun and witty. The track revolves around Adele leaving her love interest hanging on whether she wants to be with him or not. 

An irresistibly hypnotic song, it’s a crowd-pleaser that’s guaranteed to make your audience go wild. 

“Someone Like You”

Inspired by a broken relationship, “Someone Like You” finds Adele coming to terms with it. It’s also the closing track of 21, her 2011 album. 

With an enchanting piano-driven melody, it’s a sad yet beautiful ballad about moving on. It’s a pretty powerful song, so if you’re able to pull it off, you deserve all the applause! 

“Chasing Pavements”

This 2008 song marked Adele’s first smash hit in the United States. 

The song recounts Adele’s experience with finding out about her boyfriend’s infidelity and her subsequent pursuit for happiness. 

It’s a simple track, but it’s a superb classic that everyone can relate to. 

“All I Ask”

“All I Ask” sets a dramatic and sad feel as it sees Adele asking for one last night with her lover, accepting the finality of their relationship. 

With a simple rhythm, it’s an emotionally resonant track that will strike a chord with some. 

If you want to sing this song, it’s recommended that you practice first or you might mess up at the higher parts, especially the chorus. 

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Not all breakups leave you a miserable, depressed mess. In this 2016 track, Adele describes the elation she feels after separating from her indecisive boyfriend. 

This track features an upbeat tune, cheeky vibe, and sassy lyrics, a perfect combination for an entertaining karaoke performance. 

“When We Were Young”

“When We Were Young” isn’t just about the essence of a romance, it also confronts the fear of growing older. 

This shimmery ballad is accompanied by a ’70s style tune and reflective vocals. It’s a moving hit that would also be a good choice for group karaoke. 


If you’ve watched the James Bond movies, you’d recognize this song. 

This track was the main theme of the 2012 movie Skyfall and details the events of the film. 

With a dramatic tune, it’s a jazzy, somber song that makes you feel as if you’re a secret agent on the run. 

“Hold On”

“Hold On” is a song that is relatable to everyone, regardless of where you are in life right now. 

A quiet gospel ballad, the track acknowledges the challenges of real life and pleads to us to keep “holding on.” 

Though it has a melancholic tune, its joyous message will definitely uplift your spirits. 

“Take It All”

“Take It All” evokes the feel of a classic breakup number, with Adele singing about still having feelings for her ex. 

It’s a straightforward song with a simple rhythm, but it can move hearts effortlessly, especially if you sing it with your heart. 


The second track on her album 21, Adele puts her own sensual, bossa-nova twist on The Cure’s classic rock number. 

As the title implies, the track is a proclamation of love, and Adele pulls it off with her astounding vocals. It’s a good song choice to dedicate to someone special in your life. 

“I’ll Be Waiting”

While this song revolves around a breakup, it’s expressed with a hopeful and upbeat rhythm.  

In fact, this track finds Adele changing her ways after the separation, becoming a better person. It’s a fun and straightforward song that’s also pretty easy to sing. 

“Hometown Glory”

“Hometown Glory” is the first song Adele ever wrote and is an ode to her hometown of West Norwood, South London. 

With a melancholic rhythm and sorrowful vocals, the track is also a good choice for singers of any vocal range. 

This song is also well-known for being featured in tons of media like The X Factor, Grey’s Anatomy, and So You Think You Can Dance? 

“He Won’t Go”

This 2011 pop number was inspired by two of Adele’s friends. At the time, one of them was a heroin addict and had been undergoing rehabilitation. 

The love the couple had for each other eventually helped him overcome his addiction, moving Adele so much that she wrote a song about them. 

The catchy tune and hopeful lyrics give it a motivating feel, making anyone’s day better. 

“Love Is a Game”

Love is a game indeed, and this song has us loving it to death. The instrumentals of this track are simply delightful—a jazzy, swooning, string-driven tempo that makes you feel you’re in a movie. 

It might describe Adele’s bitter outlook on love, but it’s an underrated track that’s also suitable for all singers. 

“Woman Like Me”

A diss song, “Woman Like Me” is the embodiment of Adele’s rage at the end of the divorce. 

In the track, she calmly chastises her ex for wasting their relationship. She also addresses the divorce as an opportunity to better herself. 

The song features simple melodies and raw lyrics. So if you’re going through a bad breakup, it’s perfect for you!

“Cold Shoulder”

Featured on her 2008 album 19, “Cold Shoulder” is a dramatic track about toxic love and one-night stands. 

It’s quite fun to learn with its upbeat rhythm, and the lyrics are easy to memorize too. 

“Cry Your Heart Out”

Adele confronts her depression in this crisp, Motown-infused track. 

The song details her feelings following her divorce and how much tears she shed over it. 

It’s a pretty deceptive track, featuring a catchy, whimsical tune that disguises its bleak lyrics. 

Yet it’s hard not to sing along, especially with its infectious rhythm and relatable message. 

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