19 Songs About Nieces (Perfect For Dedications!)

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Nieces are a special kind of joy in every family. They might not be our daughters, but they share an irreplaceable bond with us. 

Like daughters, nieces need love, attention, and encouragement too. What better way to show our appreciation than devoting some cherry-picked songs to them? 

In this article, we have compiled a list of tracks celebrating the joy of being a niece. Whether you have nieces of your own or are a niece yourself, we hope these songs will motivate and inspire you!

The Best Songs about Nieces

“My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

Released in 2006, “My Wish” sees lead singer Gary Levox wishing someone well in their life and future. 

The song can be applied in more than one way, so it’s a great choice to dedicate to your niece. 

With a sweeping melody and heartwarming message, it’s a wonderful track that evokes hope for the future. 

“Without You” – Chris Brown 

This 2011 R&B track is all about appreciating the people in our lives that are irreplaceable and important to us. 

The slow-paced rhythm and powerful vocals truly captures the feeling of intense love and warmth. 

While “Without You” isn’t specifically about nieces, it’s still a solid track that shows how much you cherish them. 

“Letter to My Niece” – Dasgasdom3

Youtuber Dasgasdom3 presents us with a simple yet sweet song dedicated to his baby niece. 

In the track, he talks about how precious she is to him and that he’ll always be there to support her. 

The simplicity of this song is guaranteed to make anyone shed a tear. 

“Slow Down” – Nicole Nordeman 

Written for her son’s graduation, Nordeman sings about how fast kids grow up and hopes they’ll take their time before leaving home. 

Released in 2015, “Slow Down” is a good song choice for anyone who feels like their little ones are about to leave them. 

“Never Grow Up” – Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift presents us with a touching song for all the girls out there. 

This 2010 single was written in her late teens when she was unsure about what she wanted to do in the future. She later dedicated this song to the baby of one of her friends. 

With a sweet and innocent message, it’s an amazing song for every niece, young and old. 

“Skyscraper” – Demi Lovato 

Published in 2011, “Skyscraper” was written by Lovato when she was in rehab. 

Lyrically, it’s about believing in yourself and staying strong no matter how hard people try to tear you down. 

This passionate and powerful track is a huge inspiration to everyone, particularly women and girls, as it inspires them to be proud of themselves. 

“My Song” – H.E.R.

While we may not meet our nieces all the time, just a short moment of their presence means a lot to us. 

With a simple piano-backed tune, this 2017 track explores the power of every little thing in life. 

If you want to show your appreciation for your niece, then this song is the best choice for you. 

“Keep Your Head Up Princess” – Anson Seabra

A quiet and tender song about hope, this song was published in Seabra’s first EP Feeling For My Life in 2021. 

The lyrics are about the singer providing comfort and encouragement to a girl regardless of the difficulties she faces. 

Since the song doesn’t specify whom it’s for, you can easily sing this to cheer and motivate your niece if she’s feeling down. 

“Most Girls” – Hailee Steinfeld

Released in Steinfeld’s 2015 EP Haiz, “Most Girls” is an anthem of empowerment that celebrates all kinds of girls. 

With poppy beats and powerful lyrics, this is an amazing track that teaches girls to own their identities in their unique ways. 

“I Got You” – Ciara

When our nieces are still young, it’s hard not to want to protect their innocence from the reality of this world. 

Though this soulful 2015 track is dedicated to Ciara’s son, the lyrics hold a tender sentiment familiar to uncles and aunts. 

Featuring lilting instrumentals and Ciara’s melodic vocals, this song will surely uplift your niece’s spirits when she hears it. 

“Rise Up” – Andra Day

Released in Andra Day’s 2015 album Cheers to the Fall, “Rise Up” is a prayer of encouragement when you’re going through your most trying times. 

This rousing song isn’t just an anthem of perseverance but also a song reflecting the battle for social justice for many communities out there. 

The track does have a pretty high register, so you might want to practice first before belting it out to your niece.  

“Baby Mine” – Alison Krauss

A slow-paced ballad, “Baby Mine” is about the purity and goodness of children and how we should protect them. 

In the same way, nieces would always be babies to us no matter how old they get, and as their elders, it’s our duty to guide them. 

With a lilting tune and emotional vocals, we guarantee tears will be shed once you start singing this song. 

“Isn’t She Lovely” – Stevie Wonder 

Though it was published in 1976, this soulful number remains as catchy and entertaining as it did before. 

“Isn’t She Lovely” was written for Wonder’s daughter, Aisha Morris, and sees him expressing his adoration for her. 

The heartwarming message of this song makes it a great choice to show our love and appreciation to our nieces. 

“Never Break” – John Legend 

Released in 2020, “Never Break” has never been as meaningful as it would be now, especially since the pandemic. 

This powerful track is an ode to hope, love, and human resilience. It teaches us the valuable lesson of helping each other to make this world a better place. 

“Fight Song” – Rachel Platten 

This 2016 powerhouse track was written when Platten was at her lowest point, and it is about believing in yourself. 

The captivating tune and positive message of the song would surely make your niece’s day and encourage her to stay strong. 

“Ready, Set, Don’t Go” – Billy Ray Cyrus 

If you’re looking for a song to sing with your niece, this 2007 country-pop track is perfect. 

“Ready, Set, Don’t Go” talks about children growing up and moving on and was based on Miley Cyrus’s departure to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. 

Likewise, we would have to watch our nieces grow and leave to realize our dreams, but we know we would always support them. 

“Little Wonders” – Rob Thomas 

Featured in the 2007 Disney film Meet the Robinsons, “Little Wonders” is about appreciating the little things in life. 

The song is pretty easy to sing with its entertaining tune and repetitive lyrics. It also has a poignant message that we can learn from. 

“Brave” – Sara Bareilles 

An upbeat pop song, Brave was originally written for Bareille’s friend and explores the theme of daring to be who you truly are. 

With simple lyrics and a powerful melody, this inspiring track will definitely make your niece’s day better. 

“I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack ft. Sons of the Desert 

We all hope our nieces would never lose heart in the face of adversity, and Womack’s sentimental ballad perfectly captures that feeling. 

This 2000 song sees Womack wishing someone the best in life, encouraging them to live to their fullest. 

The straightforward lyrics and lilting vocals give the song a tender feel, making it a heartwarming choice to dedicate to your niece and loved ones. 

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