Here’s How Karaoke Machines Score Your Singing

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Karaoke Machine Scoring Systems

Everyone loves a good karaoke session, whether it be a team bonding activity or a weekend activity to shake the week off, it’s always fun to do. Now, if you’re a seasoned karaoke singer, then you’ll know that the best singers always score the highest on the karaoke machine; but have you ever wondered how karaoke machines score your singing?

If you’re trying to improve your singing with karaoke, then knowing how to get a high score on karaoke machines would help you improve your methods.

While some people may feel like the score they get from the karaoke machine, others use it as a basis of how talented they are as singers.

How Does Scoring Work With A Karaoke Machine?

Analog signal (your voice) enters the karaoke machine, which is then converted to digital through encoders. From there, the karaoke machine is programmed to measure your “skill” and performance based on your volume, timing and pitch.

Of course, this varies from karaoke machine to karaoke machine, and the accuracy is going to boil down to how advanced (and expensive) the karaoke machine is. Above all, most karaoke machines are programmed to follow an algorithm to calculate your skill level.

Some of these algorithms can now help you match your singing ability against the original artist. This way you can pinpoint which parts of the song you need to improve when you get your final score.

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Tips For Getting A Good Karaoke Score


Timing plays a massive part in how a karaoke machine scores your performance (which is why we suggest avoiding too much alcohol before your big song).

Choose Your Song Wisely

Being able to get a perfect score is highly dependent on the song you choose. If you choose a song that is out of your range, you’re less like to be able to sing loud because you can’t reach the notes.

Bring The Energy!

A feature of karaoke machines is that they measure how loud your voice is when you’re singing, so don’t hold back and belt your heart out so that the karaoke machine can record the input of your voice.

In Closing

Not all karaoke bars use karaoke scoring systems, and many even opt to turn off the feature because some people get discouraged when they see low scores.

Score or no score, the best thing about karaoke is that you don’t have to worry about being the best singer in the bar (or home). The whole idea is to have fun, not to be concerned with a score that a computer has generated for you! Anyway, I hope you learned more about how karaoke machines score your singing.

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