25 Best Christian Karaoke Songs

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Rejoice, for the Lord is good! Christian songs have always revolved around praising, worshipping, and celebrating the goodness of God. 

These tracks aren’t limited to quiet and slow ballads either; they can be passionate and energetic too. 

Whether you’re a Christian or looking for something different for karaoke night, here’s a list of Christian songs that will uplift your audience and bring joy to them. 

Even if you feel like you can’t undertake any of these awesome tunes, just pick one from our list and let God handle the rest!

The Best Christian Karaoke Songs

“Amazing Grace” – Chris Tomlin 

“Amazing Grace” was originally a 1972 hymn that was turned into one of the most popular Christian songs today. 

With a message of forgiveness and redemption through the grace of God, it’s a powerful and touching composition that uplifts the spirit. 

There are many versions of this song, but Tomlin’s cover is recognizable and easy to memorize. His version is also versatile enough that any vocal range can follow it. 

“How Great Thou Art” – Carrie Underwood 

Like “Amazing Grace,” this gospel track started out as a hymn written by Swedish poet Carl Boberg. 

The song is a praise to God for the nature He has created and His neverending love. 

Underwood’s cover of this track is absolutely beautiful, featuring sweeping melodies, dramatic instrumentals, and Underwood’s epic delivery. 

A perfect choice if you have the skills and courage to pull it off in front of an audience!

“Desert Road” – Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns shed light on the reality of being a Christian and the beauty of trusting God in this mellow 2022 ballad.

The track details the desire and challenges to bring people to Christ and that it can only be achieved with God by your side. 

Accompanied by a simple tune and emotional vocals, it’s an eye-opening yet soothing reminder that God is always near.  

“Good Morning” – Mandisa 

Christian songs can be upbeat and dance-inducing bangers too!

“Good Morning” sees Mandisa thanking God for His ever renewing mercy and love as she wakes up to a new day. 

The energetic rhythm and positive lyrics give it a fresh vibe that would get everyone in a good mood. 

“Write Your Story” – Francesca Battistelli 

Released in the 2014 album If We’re Honest, this poppy composition is Battistelli’s declaration to surrender her future to God. 

Featuring a cheerful tune and beautiful message, “Write Your Story” teaches us to completely trust in God. 

This track was nominated at the 57th Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2015. 

“On My Own” – Ashes Remain 

How blessed we are to have a God that stands with us and fights our battles for us!

“On My Own” sees the protagonist surrendering to God as he’s tired of facing his troubles on his own. 

This song is a motivating track with a rock-infused twist that feels freeing to sing out aloud. 

“By Your Side” – Tenth Avenue North 

If you feel down and stuck as though God is far from you, this song is perfect for you. 

“By Your Side” takes place from Christ’s perspective as He comforts and reminds us He’s always nearby. 

Accompanied by a guitar-driven rhythm, this track would undoubtedly fill you with hope and joy. 

“Known” – Tauren Wells 

Published in Well’s 2018 album Hills and Valleys, “Known” is a pop-ballad describing the feeling of being loved by God. 

Inspired by a quote from Timothy Keller, the song is simple yet raw with emotion. 

It made noticeable waves since it received nominations for a Grammy award and Billboard Music award in 2019. 

“Only Jesus” – Casting Crowns 

This straightforward rock track brings us back to the center of Christianity, Jesus Christ himself. 

The song reminds us that Christ is the Everlasting God and that we should live a life without the obsession to worldly ambitions. 

If you’re feeling like you’re too caught up in life and your surroundings, give this track a listen! 

“Living Hope” – Phil Wickham

Released in 2018, “Living Hope” is a slow-paced track that praises God as our Savior, Hope, and Holy Father. 

It starts out quiet before swelling to more powerful notes later in the chorus. This poignant song would be a good choice for church karaoke night. 

“Stand in Your Love” – Bethel Music and Josh Baldwin 

As stated in the Bible, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of courage following our faith in Him. 

In this song, Baldwin sings about how he has nothing to be afraid of thanks to the power of Christ. 

The calming instrumentals and comforting lyrics make it easy to sing and would bring peace to anyone who hears it. 

“You Know My Name” – Tasha Cobbs Leonard feat. Jimi Cravity 

Published in 2017, this tender ballad is for us who feel like we’ve lost sight of ourselves. 

With a gentle rhythm, it’s a reminder and assurance to us that we don’t have to face any difficulty alone as God is always there for us. 

It doesn’t just make a lovely karaoke song but a great worship track for Sunday service too. 

“Haven’t Seen It Yet” – Danny Gokey 

It’s easy to get caught up in our problems and waver in our trust in God. 

Gokey’s 2018 contemporary hit reminds us God’s promises are always ahead, just that we might not be seeing it yet. 

With a lovely tune and lyrics, it’s a hope-filled track that’d inspire your audience to keep pushing through their hard times. 

“Won’t He Do It” – Koran Hawthorne

“Won’t He Do It” is a melodious mix of R&B and soul that encourages us to stand firm in our faith. 

The upbeat melodies, the energetic beats, and Hawthorne’s smooth vocals give it an optimistic feel that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

“Changed” – Jordan Feliz 

“Changed” has more of an upbeat vibe and would be great to get everyone to dance along with you!

The song describes Feliz’s transformation through Christ and wishes to tell the world about the Good News. 

The energetic beats and fast-paced vocals make it a fun number to sing during karaoke. 

“Love Theory” – Kirk Franklin 

This catchy 2019 track takes praising God to another level, with a fast-paced melody, smooth harmonies, and cheerful vocals. 

“Love Theory” is all about dedicating our lives and attention to Christ. It’s a certified crowd-pleaser that would instill joy into anyone. 

“Never Alone” – Tori Kelly

No one can resist a good Tori Kelly song, especially when she sings about the grace of Christ. 

“Never Alone” details Kelly’s walk with God as she realizes she’s not alone in her struggle against life. 

The song does have a few high parts, so you might want to do some practices first. 

“God of the Impossible” – Lincoln Brewster

God makes all things possible, even when it seems impossible. 

This 2018 ballad is straightforward and melodic, while reminding us of what God can do when we can’t. 

“Fear Is a Liar” – Zach Williams 

It’s easy to give in to our issues and insecurities, forgetting God’s promises to us. 

William’s rock track tells us how fear deceives us and that the love of Christ is more powerful than that. 

Accompanied by a guitar-driven melody, the song will surely wash away any doubt you feel. 

“The Way” – Pat Berrett

“The Way” is the lead single from Berrett’s 2018 debut studio album. 

It’s a mellow yet honest track as it proclaims that Christ is the Way, Truth, and Life. The simplicity of the song makes it enjoyable and freeing to sing. 

“When We Pray” – Tauren Wells 

“When We Pray” explores themes of brokenness and hopelessness. 

With a soft tune and encouraging lyrics, this song reminds us that prayers have the power to change our realities. 

“Born Again” – Austin French 

To be born again is one of the most discussed topics in the Bible. It’s very important as it allows us to live a new life for Christ. 

“Born Again” emphasizes on that as French sings about getting the chance to be transformed regardless of your background. 

An uptempo tune, you’ll definitely feel fired up when you sing this track. 

“Believe” – Blessing Offor 

“Believe” takes every doubt, question, and uncertainty we have about Christ and turns it into an honest-to-goodness ballad. 

With a gentle melody, simple instrumentation, and tender vocals, it lends itself perfectly as a track that we can sing when we’re feeling lost. 

“Perfectly Loved” – Rachel Lampa feat. TobyMac

No matter what sort of life we come from, God’s love is always enough. 

“Perfectly Loved” reassures us that we aren’t alone nor unlovable and that God has always cared for us. 

It’s a simple ballad that soothes the heart and would be a good option for duets. 

“Consumed by Fire” – First Things First 

Released in 2022, “Consumed by Fire” is a passionate ballad that encourages us to seek God’s will first. 

The energetic tune and passionate vocals give it an intense feel that inspires us to only focus on what God wants for us.

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