19 Best Goth Karaoke Songs (For Those Who Like It Dark)

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In karaoke, you can always expect energetic and peppy songs to raise everyone’s energy and keep the crowd going.

But sometimes, it’s okay to add a little darkness to your song choices for some variety. There are plenty of goth songs out there that are emotional and enjoyable with unique storylines.

Whether you consider yourself a goth or are looking for tracks with darker themes, here are some goth songs that might appeal to your moody and melodramatic side.

The Best Goth Karaoke Songs

“My Immortal” – Evanescence 

This 2003 ballad is arguably the defining track of goth songs.

With a slow tempo, the track describes the loss of an important person, exploring the difficulty of moving on due to lingering memories.

“My Immortal” became a huge success after its debut and was featured in a number of media, including Daredevil and Smallville.

Featuring heart-wrenching lyrics, passionate vocals, and powerful instrumentals, this track will have you singing to the heavens once you reach the second half. 

“Frozen” – Within Temptation

Some goth songs open our eyes to topics that should be taken seriously, and this 2007 power ballad is one of them.

Within Temptation’s “Frozen” explores issues of domestic and child abuse.

The band even donated the profits they received from the sales of this single to Child Helpline International.

With an emotional melody and powerful lyrics, this is a hauntingly beautiful song with an important message for all of us. 

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Joy Division

This 1980 post-punk single was inspired by lead singer Ian Curtis’s struggles with epilepsy and marital problems.

The track was a huge success after its debut and was considered the defining track of the era.

While the melody of this song is certainly upbeat, you can’t help but shed a tear once you hear its heartbreaking lyrics. 

“Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy

Whether you had a goth phase or not, we all have heard this song at some point.

Featured in the band’s 2003 album Fallen, “Bring Me to Life” is the band’s debut single that became an instant hit and won several awards.

Apparently, lead singer Amy Lee wrote this song based on a rough time in her life when she was in an unhappy relationship.

With a hard, metallic melody, this passionate track won’t just sweep you away emotionally, it’ll make you sing to your heart’s content. 

“Creatures of the Night” – Kiss

Released in 1982, “Creatures of the Night” is the opening track to the band’s album of the same name.

Lyrically, the song is about staying in the background—or in this case, “darkness”—until the right time to uphold justice.

With heavy instrumentals and energetic vocals, you’ll be going wild along with your audience when you sing this song. 

“More” – The Sisters of Mercy

More is a 1980 gothic rock song that debuted on the band’s album Vision Thing.

The song describes a man’s longing for a woman who doesn’t feel the same way about him.

With its metal-infused instrumentals and heavy vocals, you’ll have the crowd rocking out its killer guitar riffs. 

“Bullet with Butterfly Wings” – Smashing Pumpkins 

If you’re looking for a goth song to rock out to, this 1995 single definitely checks out all the boxes.
“Bullet with Butterfly Wings” is one of the band’s most recognizable songs and has been featured in countless movies and television series.

Lyrically, this song is about feeling trapped and fake in this vampire-like world.

Be warned, the track does have a high register, so make sure to do some warmups before going up on stage. 

“These Things” – She Wants Revenge

Released in 2005, “These Things” is the dark-wave debut single from the rock band She Wants Revenge.

The song seems to describe a man’s dying relationship with his partner.

The heavy rhythm and slow-paced vocals give the track a gloomy feel, making it a good choice if you’re in the mood for something bleak. 

“Spellbound” – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Like the title of song, “Spellbound” will keep you hooked onto it until the end.

This post-punk single was featured in the band’s 1981 album Juju, describing how love can make you feel as if you’re under a spell.

With exhilarating guitar riffs and simple lyrics, you’ll have everyone dancing to this upbeat track.

The song has also been used in television shows like True Blood and Stranger Things

“Funeral of Hearts” – HIM

Taking a step back from the dramatic breakup ballads, “Funeral of Hearts” puts a goth spin on the pain of loving and losing that love.

First released in 2003, the track is considered one the band’s most popular songs.

Featuring an emotional tune and melancholic vocals, it’s a song that speaks to your soul. 

“How to Make a Monster” – Zombina and the Skeletones 

Taking inspiration from horror and science fiction B-movies, “How to Make a Monster” is a fun and upbeat song about a recipe to make the perfect creature of the week.

Released in 2005, this track features an uptempo rhythm and lyrics that refer to the horrifying and macabre.

Despite its dark undertones, it’s a great song choice for getting everyone to the dance floor. 

“Ashes to Ashes” – Faith No More

Released in 1997, “Ashes to Ashes” is about the feelings of the band members as their band is in the process of breaking up.

Filled with a moody vibe, it’s actually pretty sad as the lyrics describe heartfelt goodbyes to a dear friend.

Featuring an anthemic chorus, this track does go pretty high at some parts, so you might wanna prepare yourself for that. 

“Enjoy the Silence” – Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil released their version of Depeche Mode’s synth-pop track in 2006 on their album Karmacode.

While the original version is more of a dance number, this cover gives the song a darker vibe.

With a gloomy, fast-paced melody and insightful lyrics, this track will have you sing your heart out. 

“Transmission” – Joy Division

A 1979 post-punk single, “Transmission” is about how the media often gives information that could control and manipulate us.

While the message of the song is pretty dark, the track has energetic guitar riffs that make you feel like dancing.

Featuring a fast-paced melody and mellow vocals, it’s a great song choice to end your karaoke party.

“Living Dead Girl” – Rob Zombie 

Released in 1999, “Living Dead Girl” is arguably one of Rob Zombie’s best hits, paying homage to cult classics and horror B-flicks.

The song takes place from the perspective of the madman who raised the Living Dead Girl and rambles madly about her.

Despite its macabre themes, the electric instrumentals and passionate vocals give it an energetic vibe, making it a good pick to rock out with your friends. 

“Just Like Heaven” – The Cure 

Goth songs aren’t always grim and morbid. Some can be quite romantic.

Featured in the band’s 1987 album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, this gothic-rock track was inspired by frontman Robert Smith’s trip to the sea with his girlfriend.

The song is about being in love and experiencing the dizzying and cozy sensation of kissing. With a mellow melody and sweet lyrics, it’s a good choice to dedicate to someone special. 

“The Killing Moon” – Echo and the Bunnymen

Released in 1984, this post-punk hit is considered the band’s greatest song, ranking number 9 on the UK music charts after its debut.

The track is about a man who’s betrayed by his lover and begs her to stay but to no avail.

Featuring an elegant tune and relaxing vocals, what makes this song great is that most people can easily relate to the lyrics. 

“Dig Up Her Bones” – The Misfits

“Dig Up Her Bones” is a horror-punk track released in 1997 and the band’s first single after the band’s reformed lineup. This song is about an obsession with a woman that drove a man to go to the graveyard to dig her bones up. Even with a pretty morbid story, this track has energetic guitar riffs and awesome vocals that make you want to sing and dance your heart out. 

“Bloodsuckers” – Johnny Hollow 

Released in 2014, “Bloodsuckers” was featured in the group’s album A Collection of Creatures.

Whether the song is talking about strange, blood-sucking creatures or literal mosquitoes, there’s no denying that it’s quite unique and catchy.

With a whimsical melody and delicate vocals, this track has a classy feel to it, making it sound mysterious. 

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