20 Songs That Start with the Letter Q (All Styles!)

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Karaoke can be a good time to challenge yourself to sing songs from the alphabet, but some tracks are just fewer than most.

Words that start with the letter Q are rarely used in everyday life, so it makes sense that songs beginning with it are hard to find.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there; in fact, many of them are from popular artists!

Whether you want to add more songs to your roster or are looking to impress your friends with something new at karaoke, here are songs that start with the letter Q from different genres and singers.  

Songs That Start with the Letter Q

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” – Doris Day

There’s no denying it. This 1958 track has always been part of our childhoods.

First published in 1955, it was included in the soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Man Who Knew Too Much, which Doris actually starred in.

The song became a huge hit and was recognized as Doris’s signature number. 

What makes this classic hit great is that it has simple lyrics and a melody that flows like a nursery song.

It’s also easy to sing, and everyone knows about it, so you’ll definitely get full-crowd anticipation easy with it too! 

Queen Bitch” – David Bowie 

Written in 1971, this glam-rock track was a homage to singer Lou Reed and the band Velvet Underground, who were huge sources of influence on David Bowie.

The song is quite provocative as it describes a man whose lover looks for hookups and drag queens after he denies his advances.

This rock number might have cheerful guitar riffs and energetic vocals, but if you want to really nail its in-your-face vibe, you need to sing it with attitude. 

Queer” – Garbage 

A subdued combination of rock and hip hop, “Queer” is a 1995 track that takes inspiration from Pete Dexter’s novel Brotherly Love.

The song is from a perspective of a prostitute who’s observing a strange, emotionally-scarred boy.

“Queer” is quite catchy, featuring crazy instrumentals and almost menacing lyrics. It’s definitely a song you can rock out to during karaoke. 

Queen” – Jessie J

Queen is a song that every woman and girl should listen to. Released in 2018, it was included in Jessie’s album R.O.S.E.

This pop song is an anthem of body empowerment and feminism, giving encouragement to show love to one’s physical and mental states. 

The track isn’t just powerful, it’s also upbeat and easy to follow.

There aren’t any crazy key changes, so you can relax knowing you can belt the chorus out as much as you want to. 

Queen of Clubs” – Azealia Banks 

If you’re looking for a song to party to with your friends, “Queen of Clubs” is the perfect choice to get anyone hyped.

Featured in Azealia’s 2016 album Slay, this track is about losing yourself during a wild night at the club.

This high-energy song features fast-paced EDM instrumentals and a catchy rhythm that you can’t resist dancing to.

The lyrics also have an amazing flow, which would make it fun to sing. 

Quiet” – Demi Lovato 

Featured in Demi’s 2009 album Here We Go Again, “Quiet” explores a relationship that has hit a point of standstill, and Demi pleads for a breakthrough in communication. A pop-punk track, “Quiet” is a song of frustration and desperation, which gives you the chance to sing it out with all your heart. 

Q.U.E.E.N.” – Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu 

This powerful 2013 track is what you get when two legends musically collaborate.

Featured in the album The Electric Lady, Janelle brutally expresses her thoughts on several themes ranging from religion to sexuality.

According to her, the acronym “Q.U.E.E.N” stands for queer, untouchables, emigrants, excommunicated, and negroid.

It’s a song that basically questions stereotypes and misconceptions while serving attitude and sass.

You’ll definitely have fun with this track, especially with Erykah’s catchy rap segment. 

Quarter Past Midnight” – Bastille 

This 2018 pop number explores the feeling of escapism and immersing yourself in euphoria throughout a night you don’t want to end.

The song has a summertime vibe to it, with its fast-paced melody and straightforward lyrics. It’s also the perfect song choice to get everyone onto the dance floor. 

Queen of Mean” – Sarah Jeffery 

Featured in the Disney film Descendants 3, “Queen of Mean” is Princess Audrey’s solo about becoming evil after feeling like she has lost her lover and royal status to Mal.

A trap-pop song, “Queen of Mean” has both singing and rapping to a catchy rhythm.

It does have some high parts, but it’s not the overall feel of the song, so there’s nothing for you to worry about. 

Quit Playing Games with My Heart” – Backstreet Boys 

As one of the most beloved boy bands of all time, the Backstreet Boys have tons of great songs, and this single is one of them.

First released in 1996, this R&B track is about being vulnerable with a cheating partner after a relationship has ended.

It became a huge hit and even charted across several countries.

With its smooth melodies and simple lyrics, this song is best sung together in a group.

You can also sing it alone and let that familiar wave of ’90s nostalgia wash over you. 

Queen” – Loren Gray

If you’re looking for a song that makes you feel like royalty, Loren’s “Queen” fits the bill perfectly.

Released in 2018, this single talks about standing up for yourself and asking to be treated as an equal.

With an upbeat rhythm and powerful lyrics, this track will surely make you feel like you can rule a kingdom. 

Quiet” – Camila Cabello 

In the mood for something romantic? Camila’s “Quiet” will make you feel all mushy inside.

In this 2022 pop ballad, she opens up about her feelings and how her body reacts when she’s with the boy that she loves.

The boy she mentions in the song is most likely Shawn Mendes, since this track was written before their split in 2021. 

Aside from its addictive melody and catchy beats, it’s also pretty easy to sing as long as you put passion into it. 

Quiet Light” – The National 

This mellow rock-ballad was actually a leftover from the sessions of the band’s 2017 Sleep Well Beast.

Like its title, it’s a relaxing track with subdued instrumentals and gentle vocals.

The song is perfect for singing either when it’s the end of the karaoke session or during the time when everyone’s chilling. 

Quarter to Three” – Gary U.S. Bonds 

This 1961 doo-wop track might be old, but its high-energy rhythm is enough to get everyone pumped.

“Quarter to Three” is a popular song that was adapted from “A Night with Daddy G.”

While Gary sang the song, the band Church Street Five provided the instrumentals. 

This upbeat anthem is all about enjoying life and having a good time, accompanied by a choir of joyous voices.

It’s a feel-good song that will surely uplift the spirits of anyone who hears it. 

“Quasar” – The Smashing Pumpkins 

The opening track to the 2012 album Oceania, “Quasar” is chock-full of religious allusions. While it can sound like a love song, it goes way deeper than that.

The song is quite energetic on its own, with crazy guitar riffs and simplistic lyrics, making it a good choice to go wild. 

Queen Jane Approximately” – Bob Dylan 

This 1965 folk number has always been shrouded with mystery as to the true identity of the unknown Queen Jane.

In this song, Bob criticizes the subject for living a superficial life and asks her to break away from it to engage in an authentic experience with him.

Some speculate that Queen Jane might have referred to several historical Queen Janes while others guess it might be Joan Baez, Bob’s one-time girlfriend.

Regardless, it’s a funky track with deep lyrics and a simple tune that’s a fun classic to sing out. 

Queen of the New Year – Deacon Blue 

Released in 1989, “Queen of the New Year” is about a girl the singer is infatuated with, but he can’t be with her due to her disapproving mother.

This energetic track features a jazzy melody and an upbeat rhythm that you can’t help but start dancing to it.

It’s also suited for most vocal ranges, so there’s no way you can mess it up. 

Queen of Hearts” – Juice Newton 

This was first recorded by Welsh musician Dave Edmunds, but Juice Newton provides a country-pop rendition of the song.

It became a massive success that she even won a Grammy for it.

The track describes falling in love with an unreliable lover and how hard it is to resist them.

Juice’s version has a happy-go-lucky feel to it with its simplistic melody and sweet vocals, which makes it a great choice to lift everyone’s mood in the bar. 

“Quicksand” – Morray 

This 2020 breakout single is absolute fire, but it also has a darker theme to it.

In this song, Fayetteville rapper Morray describes his harsh upbringing, comparing his hardships to quicksand.

Apparently, he wrote it after receiving encouragement from his wife to be more transparent in his songs.

With a catchy, guitar-backed beat, you’ll be spitting bars from the song’s smooth verses. 

Queen of Disaster” – Lana Del Rey 

“Queen of Disaster” was an unreleased song before it was leaked in 2013.

The song is about Lana’s feelings for a bad boy she likes, who is implied to be A$ap Rocky.

It went viral on TikTok in early 2020, with thousands of videos made using the track.

This pop-ballad is pretty much irresistible, with its catchy melody and honest lyrics, which would make your karaoke session absolutely fun. 

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