21 Best Journey Karaoke Songs (The Band)

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Journey is an American rock band that became well-known in the late 1970s. The band originally started in the jazz fusion genre and was intended to be a backup group for other artists. 

After Steve Perry joined the band, they diverged toward rock and began their climb to stardom. Though the group’s glory days are over, it’s undeniable that they boast many iconic and diverse songs. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of their best hits that remain relevant in today’s popular culture. 

The Best Journey Karaoke Songs

Don’t Stop Believin’

Love it or hate it, this 1981 track is one of the catchiest rock anthems of all time. 

With distinct keyboard riffs, amazing vocals and jittering guitars, “Don’t Stop Believin’” is one of those songs that keeps getting bigger until it hits that dramatic chorus. 

It also has a positive and feel-good message that makes it absolutely motivating to sing at karaoke. 


A soft rock ballad, “Lights” is one of Journey’s songs to feature Steve Perry shorts after he joined the group. 

This track finds the group singing about San Francisco, the city where they started out at. 

The song was a minor hit, but it gained popularity over the years and is considered one of the band’s best works. 

It has a soothing vibe, and the repetitive lyrics make it an easy track to follow. 

Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

Featured in the1979 album Evolution, this blues-infused ballad was Journey’s first song to break into the Billboard’s top twenty. 

This song finds Perry lamenting about his feelings of heartbreak and betrayal after learning his girlfriend cheated on him. 

The track captures the feeling of joy and pain with its gorgeous instrumentals and wistful vocals. 

Wheel in the Sky

This 1978 single was one of Journey’s earlier hits as they were transitioning toward the hard rock sound. 

Unlike most of their songs, “Wheel in the Sky” has a more ambiguous meaning with growling guitars and edgy beats. 

Over time it has become a certified Journey classic and concert staple that is certain to get full-crowd participation. 

I’ll Be Alright Without You

A melancholic rock ballad, this song was among the Top 15 on The Hot 100 music chart. 

The track draws inspiration from two of the members’ personal lives when they were struggling with separation with their partners. 

With lilting guitar riffs and smooth vocals, “I’ll Be Alright Without You” is an emotional journey of its own. 

Open Arms

“Open Arms” started out as a rejected song until Steve Perry showed interest in it, creating one of Journey’s best power ballads. 

The song sees Perry begging for forgiveness from his lover and to restart their relationship. 

It’s a powerful track bursting with emotion, making it perfect for couples. It has also been covered by many artists over the years like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Boyz II Men. 

Only the Young

“Only the Young” is an ode to youth, their potential, and strength. 

It’s an awesome classic with a catchy chorus and soaring vocals, depicting joy, freedom, and victory. 

The song has a sad backstory as it was played to a teenage fan on his deathbed. After his passing, it left the band devastated and led them to work out the issues, causing friction among themselves. 

Who’s Crying Now?

This track is one of their soulful pieces as it tells the story of a tense and tragic relationship reaching its end. 

The song was inspired by Perry’s trip through a storm, which explains its moody and bitter vibe. 

If you’re going through a bad breakup, this song is perfect for you. 

Anyway You Want It

Published in the 1980 album Departure, “Anyway You Want It” was inspired by the Irish band Thin Lizzy. 

This song is a dance-worthy bop with a cheerful tone and exhilarating instrumentals. 

It has been featured in many television shows, movies, and commercials like The Simpsons and Caddyshack


“Faithfully” was written by keyboardist Jonathan Cain while he was on the road. 

It’s a sweet tribute to Cain’s wife as it describes the struggles and problems of being in a relationship with a musician. 

With a tender melody and lilting vocals, it’s sure to move anyone’s heart once they hear it. 

Ask the Lonely

This upbeat track was first featured on the soundtrack of the film Two of a Kind

The energetic guitar riffs and catchy chorus make it a perfect choice to spice up your karaoke party. 

When You Love a Woman

This 1996 track was released in the album Trial By Fire. It’s soft rock ballad about truly falling in love and devoting yourself to the right person. 

The song has a sentimental ’90s melody and sweeping vocals that give you a punch of genuine emotion. 

It’s a solid song choice to dedicate to the woman of your dreams.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

“Separate Ways” is another one of Journey’s ballads that focus on themes of heartache and breakup. 

This dark and moody track is about a couple who has separated but reassures each other that they will always share a connection. 

The song relies on atmospheric synths and brooding guitars to capture a more mature feel with powerful vocals. 

Girl Can’t Help It

If you’re looking for a Journey song with easygoing vibes, this adorable ballad will surely make you feel relaxed. 

The song tells the story of a girl and boy who’re in love with each together but can’t start a relationship due to various reasons. 

Featuring a mellow tune and straightforward lyrics, it’s a charming track reminiscent of innocent, young love. 

Feeling This Way”

This song was a radio classic in the 1970s and 1980s. 

“Feeling This Way” sees vocalists Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie wondering if their love interests have any feelings for them the same way they do. 

It was often played together with the track “Anytime,” which caused many to mistake these two songs as a two-parter unit. 

Stone in Love

“Stone in Love” became a hit after its release on the 1981 album Escape

An uptempo track, it describes childhood summers and falling impulsively in love. 

It’s an upbeat, feel-good anthem that would definitely remind you of your past crushes and nostalgic summers. 

Be Good to Yourself

This hard rock number presents us with an empowering message of positivity, hope, and self-love. 

The song was written within an hour, yet it still managed to become a top-ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100. 

With soaring instrumentals, it’s an energetic anthem that reminds us to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Send Her My Love

Published on the 1983 album Frontiers, this song is about a man who still misses his ex-lover dearly. 

Featuring ambient instrumentals and simple lyrics, the track captures the feelings of loss and regrets. 


An underrated track, “Daydream” goes introspective as it describes unachievable dreams and ambitions like “crystal ships out at sea.” 

Though this song leans toward the pop genre, it still has those electrifying riffs and synths that will draw out the rockstar in you. 


Need a song to get you fired up for the day? “Escape” would be perfect for you. 

This track talks about a boy who rebels so he could do whatever he wanted. 

With powerful harmonies, flash synths, and motivating lyrics, “Escape” really nails the vibe of escaping and being free. 

It Could Have Been You

A anthem of heartbreak, “It Could Have Been You” is certainly an underrated gem. 

Featuring killer guitar riffs, this passionate song will make you want to sing to the heavens. 

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