21 Best Songs to Dedicate to Your Sister

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Sisters may come in different sizes and personalities, but they’ll always be with you through happy and difficult times. Having a sister is like having a best friend whom you can trust and confide your deepest secrets in. 

Like anyone else, sisters also need a show of love and encouragement, and you can do that with a mic and a good song! 

We have rounded up some tracks that are dedicated to sisters and everything they’ve done for us. From upbeat pop anthems to warm country ballads, you’ll certainly find a song that would express your feelings toward your sister perfectly. 

The Best Songs to Dedicate to Your Sister

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper

Originally written from a guy’s point of view, Lauper decided to put a more feminist twist to it and turn it into one of the most empowering anthems of all time. 

Featuring a synth-backed melody, the track encourages every girl and woman to be their genuine selves without letting anyone hold them back. 

This song is perfect for a fun duet with your sister, or you can even sing it to her as a touching tribute. 

“Good Friend, and a Glass of Wine” – LeAnna Rimes

Sisters are like best friends to us, and spending time with them can often ease our stress with life. 

In this 2008 country ballad, Rimes feels contented spending time with her close friends (or sisters as she calls them) when she struggles with personal issues. 

The track not only celebrates friendship but also sisterhood where you can encourage each other. 

“Sister Christian” – Night Ranger

Night Ranger’s drummer Kelly Keagy wrote this heartwarming song for his little sister, Christy. 

The track finds him lamenting over how fast she’s growing up and worrying about her upcoming future. 

Accompanied by a rock-infused tune, this song is a solid choice for big brothers and sisters with younger siblings. 

“My Sister” – Reba McIntyre

McIntyre really nailed the relationship between sisters in this poignant ballad. 

From reminiscing on their childhoods to thinking about their present adult lives, this song sees McIntyre missing her sister and wanting to meet her soon. 

It’s a sweet and straightforward track that would really get your sister in the feels, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a long time.  

“Sister Oh Sister” – Rosanna Cash 

Sisters aren’t just siblings but they can also be role models, best friends, emotional support, and close confidantes. 

With a simple, guitar-backed rhythm, the song describes everything a sister can be in their younger sibling’s lives. 

And the track makes it clear that having a sister can be the best thing in your life. 

“Video” – India Arie 

Published in the 2001 album Acoustic Sand, “Video” was Arie’s first single and her most successful song.

Accompanied by a catchy beat and Arie’s rich vocals, the song teaches us that femininity and identity aren’t determined by material objects but by your own sense of self. 

It challenges societal norms and uplifts being yourself, which makes the track the perfect choice to add another layer of confidence to your sister’s day. 

“On the Ride – Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ are sisters in real life, so you can bet their sibling-focused tracks are extremely relatable. 

“On the Ride” revolves around the sisters’ bond, believing that they can overcome any obstacle as long as they have each other. 

The track has an upbeat and fun vibe that would definitely bring you and your sister closer during karaoke. 

“Hey, I’m Just Like You” – Tegan And Sara

This catchy synth-pop track was also created by real-life sisters Tegan and Sara in 2019. 

The song captures the feeling of being messed-up outcasts with a close friend or sister. 

With upbeat instrumentals, it’s a perfect pick if you’re feeling rebellious and want to put on a performance. 

“My Sister Rose” – 10,000 Maniacs

If you’re looking for a good song to sing at your sister’s wedding, “My Sister Rose” is the most suitable option! 

The track has a simple message: the singer’s sister is getting married and they’re having fun celebrating it. 

It features an energetic, dance-worthy tune and simple lyrics you can follow without straining your vocal cords. Bonus points if your sister’s name is Rose. 

“Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” – The Eurythmics ft. Aretha Franklin

This might not be about biological sisters, but it’s a well-known feminist anthem that could inspire your own sister. 

The song is an ode to womanhood, encouraging women to be proud of their worth that’s equal to men. 

This rousing, soulful tune is sure to uplift your sister’s spirits and make her more certain of her own capabilities. 

“Count On Me” – Whitney Houston and Cece Winans

What do you get when you combine the voices of two amazing musical divas? A masterpiece, that’s what!

This sweeping ballad might be about friendship, but it can also be dedicated to your sister with its positive message. It’d definitely put a smile on your sister’s face, knowing she can turn to you when she has troubles.   

“When We Grow Up” – Diana Ross

“When We Grow Up” is about childhood friends, but it can be interpreted as a song about siblings too! Besides, sisters are like built-in friends that make our lives so much interesting. 

This track is about growing up together, looking forward to the future, and staying positive about it. 

It’s a sweet and simplistic track that oozes with good cheer and joy, sprinkled with Diana Ross’s classic touch. 

“It Don’t Have to Change” – John Legend 

Did you ever wish you could go back to the good ol’ days of your childhood? 

John Legend does, and he expresses his sentimentality in this emotional ballad about family and nostalgia. He also looks back on the fun activities he did as a child before he had more responsibilities as an adult. 

With a slow-paced melody, the track makes it clear that even if we change, our love for family should stay the same. 

“Look at Little Sister” – Stevie Rau Vaughn

This 1985 bluesy number might be old, but it’s still relatable today. 

The song revolves around an older brother who’s trying to keep his younger sister out of trouble. Sound familiar?

“Older Sister” – Carly Simon

Being jealous of your older sister sometimes is normal as she usually has more privileges and opportunities. 

“Older Sister” finds Simon singing about her unbearable envy toward her older sister and her desire to be like her. 

The folksy melodies and Simon’s warm vocals give it a lighthearted feel, making it pretty easy to sing.  

“Wind Beneath My Wings” – Bette Midler 

Bette Midler originally recorded her version of this 1982 track for the 1988 film Beaches, which revolved around two friends. 

But with its uplifting message and beautiful melody, you can also sing it to your sister who has encouraged and helped you succeed. 

“What About Your Friends” – TLC

TLC goes introspective on the topic of friend circles and sisterhood in this 1992 R&B banger. 

The track questions loyalty between friends and the freedom to be authentic among your companions. 

Featuring an upbeat tune and TLC’s gorgeous harmonies, you can easily duet this song with your sister for fun. 

“Most Girls” – Hailee Steinfeld 

This poppy track is a celebration of all kinds of girls, regardless of their personal choices in life. 

The song sets an encouraging tone filled with cheery beats and energetic synths that make you want to dance. 

It’s a great track to sing to your sister to remind her of how strong and capable she is. 

“Girl On Fire” – Alicia Keys 

With pulsating beats, sweeping choruses, and powerful vocals, “Girl On Fire” is an empowering classic that every girl should give a listen at least once in their life. 

Inspired by Keys’s own personal life, this high-powered ballad praises the strength of women everywhere and points out that they’re deserving of so much more. 

You can dedicate this track to your sister to express how capable she is in getting what she wants in life. 

“Best Friends” – Aaliyah ft. Missy Elliot 

“Best Friends” is a laidback R&B track, but the message it holds can be applicable to anyone whom you’re super close to. 

The mellow beats and smooth vocals also make it pretty easy to sing, especially if you’re a beginner. 

“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge 

This 1979 disco-infused number was a massive hit back then and a timeless icon today. Accompanied by a catchy rhythm, the track celebrates the sisters’ familial relationship and how they got each other’s backs. 

With a sunny vibe, this song can easily put everyone in the mood for dancing and add a whole new flavor to your karaoke party. 

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