23 Easy Songs to Parody  

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then parodies are fun and interesting versions that show love to certain songs. 

Parodies allow you to be creative and put your own twist on original tracks, while also poking fun at them. 

In this article, we have compiled 23 songs that are catchy and easy for your upcoming parodies. From nostalgic classics to recent releases, you’ll surely find something that’d get your brain juices flowing with ideas!  

The Best Easy Songs to Parody

“Middle” – Zedd ft. Maren Morris

Zedd’s collaboration with Maren Morris brought us this catchy and fast-paced track about making compromises for our loved ones. 

Though it has a romantic tone, it can easily become hilarious if overdone, so you can make a parody that pokes fun at being too indecisive. Or a spoof where you find it hard to “meet” up with your partner. 

“Love the Way You Lie” – Rihanna ft. Eminem

This 2010 hip-hop number might deal with darker themes, but you can easily turn it into a hilarious track about the small stuff couples fight over or create your own story from its pulsating tune. 

There are already parodies of this song that range from gender to childhood crushes, so it’s best to roll with your imagination! 

“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

When this uptempo song burst into the music scene, it was the craze of the year that got played almost everywhere. 

With a catchy tune, energetic vibe, and a positive message, how could we blame them? 

Aside from the numerous covers, the track has also inspired parodies that revolve around different topics like shaving and procrastinating. Even Sesame Street has done one about recycling! 

“Super Freaky Girl” – Nicki Minaj 

This 2022 pop-infused song samples Rick James’s 1981 Super Freak and centers around Minaj’s pride as a freak-esque icon. 

Your parody could focus on the opposite instead, like the lack of communication between lovers or a child-friendly version of the track. 

“Baby” – Justin Bieber

If you’re stuck on picking a song to parody, Bieber’s 2010 hit is a great choice that would entertain anyone. 

The song is a simple pop ballad about wanting to get back with someone after a breakup. However the irresistible melodies and straightforward lyrics are the qualities that make it easy to work with. 

This track is so popular that it has even been parodied in famous media like in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film and the Annoying Orange series. 

“Hello” – Adele 

A song that starts like you’re talking to someone on the phone is bound to become parody material. 

“Hello” explores themes of nostalgia and regret, accompanied by Adele’s soulful vocals that drive its powerful instrumentals and message home. 

It’s a sad breakup song, but the overall dramatic feel also makes it perfect for comedy. 

Some of the popular parodies of this track include Adele having zero phone signal and one that takes place during the quarantine. 

“What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction 

With the rise of boy bands in the 2010s, this power pop single was a massive hit then, especially to teenagers. 

It is also a considerably fresh love song that spread the message of loving your partner for who they truly are. The upbeat melody and vocals are also a plus. 

As much as it inspired tons of great covers, it also spawned parodies that made fun of relationships and teen drama. 

“Happy” – Pharrell Williams 

This 2013 soul-infused track was originally written for the animated film Despicable Me before it became a huge hit. 

And as much as it celebrates joy and good cheer, it can still be turned into parody. 

From making fun of gaudy fashion, like Weird Al did in his version, to how overrated the song is, there’s no limit to creativity. 

“Dynamite” – Taio Cruz 

“Dynamite” certainly turns everyone’s party mode on with its infectious rhythm, high-energy beats. and sensual lyrics. 

Just as it’s great to dance hard to, it’s also great for an “explosive” parody. 

From parodies about having troubles in the toilet to actual dynamites in Minecraft, you can make anything satirical out of this fun song. 

“Somebody I Used To Know” – Gotye

You have to admit there’s a unique charm in turning sad love songs into witty parodies. 

Gotye’s poppy track focuses on the pain and heartbreak following an unpleasant breakup. 

That said, its melancholic lyrics make it perfect for parodies about failing a drinking game or being disappointed at your favorite movie franchise. 

“Gangnam Style” – PSY

Back when it went viral in 2012, this song became so iconic that it left a huge cultural impact. Everyone was singing and dancing to it, from flash mobs to important figures. 

Tons of parodies featuring the song were also produced, made by people from different professions like military cadets and even NASA students. 

“Girls Like You” – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

“Girls Like You” is a cute romantic ballad about wanting to be with the person you love most. Add in Cardi B’s rapid-fire verses and you got a perfect upbeat track. 

Since the song centers around a relationship, you can turn it into a parody about being too clingy or making fun of your friends or family members. 

“Roar” – Katy Perry 

“Roar” is a call to self-confidence and power, empowering others to stand up for themselves. 

But it still holds comic potential especially since the music video depicts Perry trying to tame a tiger. You can make a parody that pokes fun at that, from getting lost in the jungle to escaping the attacks of wild animals. 

“What Do You Mean?” – Justin Bieber

Released in the 2015 album Purpose, this track revolves around Bieber questioning his partner’s ambiguity and indecisive behaviour. 

The comical aspect of the song comes from its repetitive use of “What do you mean?” which can generate all sorts of hilarious situations. 

A few popular parodies of this track depict a dumbed-down Bieber being unable to take a hint for his exes. 

“Despacito” – Luis Fonsi 

It’s impossible to resist trying to make a parody of the biggest Latin pop song of 2017. 

With an uptempo melody and fast-paced rhythm, the song is all about getting involved in a sensual and romantic relationship. 

You can easily make a parody about language barriers or the challenges of online dating with this track. 

“Dancing Queen” – ABBA

ABBA’s free-spirited disco track has that carefree and upbeat vibe that’s just perfect for a fun parody. At the core, the song is about enjoying life and celebrating youthfulness. 

Like most songs, you can write your story based on it and give your version a more comedic edge.

Funny enough, most parodies of this track was made during the 2020 pandemic revolving around the struggles of being quarantined. 

“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga 

Despite its uptempo rhythm, Gaga’s famed 2009 hit actually explores the unhealthy attraction to toxic romantic relationships. 

That didn’t stop it from being parodied many times though, especially with its catchy chorus and wacky music video. The trick to pulling a parody of this song is to be as dramatic and quirky as possible.  

“TiK ToK” – Kesha 

A song about partying and drinking hard opens up a lot of possibilities for comedic material. 

An upbeat dance-pop number, you can make parodies that poke fun at being too much of a party animal or reliving the 2000s era for nostalgia’s sake. 

“Friday” – Rebecca Black

This track might have received negative reviews, but it’s so catchy and simple that it’s impossible to dislike it in any way. 

In fact, the song grew in popularity and spawned many covers and parodies later on. 

For this song, you can change up the lyrics to any day of the week and sing about how tiring it is. Or you can create a spoof where you and your friends go crazy from the arrival of the weekend. 

“Telephone” – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce 

Released in 2010, “Telephone” depicts the fear of being restricted and unable to enjoy life. 

With a high-energy tune, fast-paced melody, and rapid-fire verses, it’s a great song that would keep your audience hooked. 

Since the song is basically a conversation between Gaga and Beyonce on the phone, you can easily make a spoof where some creative back-and-forth happens! 

“Look What You Made Me Do” – Taylor Swift 

This powerful track marked Swift’s comeback back in 2017 and remains one of her most iconic singles. 

The song takes shots at a few unnamed rivals, with Swift declaring that she’s stronger and better than before.

The melodic rhythm and menacing lyrics are great material for a parody that disses ex-boyfriends or pokes fun at Swift’s reputation for being a serial dater. 

“Mine” – Bazzi 

Published in the 2017 album Cosmic, “Mine” focuses on Bazzi’s obsession with his love interest, particularly her smile. 

The song gained popularity in 2018 and became a viral internet meme where pictures were overlaid with the Snapchat “hearts” filter. 

A great parody idea for this track could be about being blindly in love with someone who’s toothless, making it pretty funny. 

“I Want It That Way” – Backstreet Boys 

This song is such an enduring classic that you just have to sing along once it starts. 

With a memorable tune and straightforward lyrics, you can make a parody of going to the extremes to get something you really want. 

You can also check out Weird Al’s and Blink-182’s spoofs of the song, which are amusing in their own right. 

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