15 Songs EVERYONE Knows (Instantly Recognizable!)

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Some call music the universal language as it unites people across locations around the world. And certain songs are iconic enough that nearly anyone you ask will recognize them when played. 

Some of the most popular songs this past year has brought forth include big tracks by Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Doja Cat among others. And today, we’ll be highlighting 15 of these most well-known tracks and their notable qualities. 

Keep reading to learn more about the 15 songs of 2022 that everyone knows. We’ll fill you in so that you can keep up with the rest of us who have been jamming out to these songs for the past year. 

Top Songs Known by Everyone 

  1. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo 
  2. “Vegas” – Doja Cat 
  3. “Diet Coke” – Pusha T 
  4. “As It Was” – Harry Styles 
  5. “Plan B” – Megan Thee Stallion 
  6. “First Class” – Jack Harlow 
  7. “Out of Time” – The Weeknd
  8. “Sweetest Pie” – Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion 
  9. “Light Switch” – Charlie Puth 
  10. “Shake It” – Kay Flock and Cardi B
  11. “Cuff It” – Beyonce 
  12. “I’m Good (Blue)” – David Guetta and Bebe Rexha
  13. “Beg for You” – Charli XCX
  14. “abcdefu” – Gayle 
  15. “MAMIII” – Becky G and Karol G

“About Damn Time” – Lizzo

Lizzo has been churning out bangers for a few years now, so it’s no surprise that “About Damn Time” has been soaring on the charts. This track is all about the need for celebration and letting loose when you’re stressed out—something everyone can relate to. 

And if you don’t know this song by ear already, you will soon after your first listen to the intro bassline that carries Lizzo’s amazing vocals through the rest of the song. 

“Vegas” – Doja Cat 

This song has a more sultry tone to it, but it’s quickly become a worldwide favorite this year. “Vegas” is all about female empowerment and saying no to men who are just plain dogs. 

Doja Cat harkens back to 2000s rap and R&B styles in this song, giving us all a recognizable track to top the charts. 

“Diet Coke” – Pusha T 

Leave it to Pusha T to return with a catchy rap and amazing production value in the year 2022. This song screams confidence loud and clear. It’s about being cool and knowing it, which we all want to feel from time to time. 

Whether the song ironically makes Diet Coke cooler or makes it disliked by most, we can all agree that this song is iconic.

“As It Was” – Harry Styles 

Harry Styles has been creating pop hits since he parted from his boy band and started a solo career. This breakout star created the heartfelt yet poppy As It Was song on his newest album earlier this year, giving fans something to cry to, sing along to, dance to, and love. 

Heartbreak songs will always be popular, and if you don’t know this song by now, join the club. 

“Plan B” – Megan Thee Stallion 

Although this track is full of expletives, you can’t deny that it’s a hit, through and through. The song’s titular plan B references an aspect of womanly freedom, as the songs lyrics act as a feminist response to the male-dominated rap industry of the past. 

But men and women alike can jam out to this all-around classic song.

“First Class” – Jack Harlow 

Jack Harlow came onto the music scene and quickly made a name for himself. This song, which samples the iconic “Glamorous” by Fergie, is all about being rich, A-list, and a player. 

The rapper uses low-key production and smooth beats to create this well-known song that almost anyone will recognize when it comes on the radio. 

“Out of Time” – The Weeknd

Perhaps the reason that this song is so popular is that it uses instrumentals that call back to an earlier time. The 80s-themed track relies on bass, synth, and catchy tunes to create a classic feel in this lovey-dovey pop song with The Weeknd’s falsetto vocals. 

“Sweetest Pie” – Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion

When the song starts with, “You’ve never been to heaven, have you?” you know the song is going to slap hard. Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa are the perfect duo to make this track balance the pop and rap styles together. 

“Light Switch” – Charlie Puth 

With incredible musical talent and an ear that can’t be rivaled, you had to know that Charlie Puth would make this list. His iconic song “Light Switch” is known by fans around the world as the pop song of our time, and a great love song at that. 

“Shake It” – Kay Flock and Cardi B

Even though Kay Flock is the main artist on this song, it has quickly become well-known for its impressive Cardi B verses. 

The queen of rap goes hard on this iconic song and makes her toughness known to the listener. You’re likely to hear this song on the radio in a variety of settings.  

“Cuff It” – Beyonce

Beyonce has surely made her long-awaited comeback with her latest album, and this track makes it even better. “Cuff It” is an equal mix of funky, poppy, and R&B—the perfect combination for one of the year’s best chart-toppers, and something that ladies will love singing along to.

“I’m Good (Blue)” – David Guetta and Bebe Rexha

This song has a classic electronic feel to it, and when you hear it, you might recognize the melody from the silly “Blue” (“I’m blue, daba-dee daba-dai?”). But with this David Guetta and Bebe Rexha remix, we get a new twist that is all about feeling good, not blue. 

“Beg for You” – Charli XCX

This song is based on the original Swedish song “Cry for You.” But Charli XCX is able to turn it into a poppy, house song that has us all begging for more. 

Almost everyone recognizes this song when it comes on the radio. It’s catchy and hard to rival, with its electronic melodies and strong beat that carries the lyrics throughout the song.  

“abcdefu” – Gayle

If you’ve ever even scrolled through TikTok for more than a minute, chances are that you’ve heard this song and it has gotten stuck in your head. The sarcastic, snarky song is about a lover scorned and wanting to get revenge at the end of it all. We can all relate, can’t we?

“MAMIII” – Becky G and Karol G

Last but not least, we had to mention this song, as it has become one of the most popular of this year. 

The latin-pop hit is sung in Spanish, but don’t let the language barrier stop you from enjoying this well-loved song. It’s made its place around the world, and especially in the American music scene. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our lineup of the best and most well-known songs of this past year. 2022 has truly brought some bangers to the top of the music charts, as well as some more heartfelt tracks that will leave you wanting more. 

From Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion, Charlie Puth, and Beyonce among others, these are the songs that everyone knows when they hear them on the radio. Take some time to explore them and enjoy!

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