6 Best Professional Karaoke Amplifiers (2020)

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Rounding Up The Best Pro Karaoke Amps (2020)

When it comes to selecting the right karaoke amplifier, whether for professional use or simply for home entertainment, it can be hard to narrow down which is right for you.

This article breaks down 6 amplification systems, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

The karaoke systems will be presented in ascending order according to cost. The least expensive system will be presented first, the most expensive system will be presented last.

Price can be a determinative factor when it comes to certain features, but that isn’t to say that the more expensive systems are better.

It all depends on your needs and what you have in mind.

The best system for one person might not be the best for another. The idea is to align the features you desire with the features offered by the amplifier. The closer these things align, the better it will suit you.

1. Pyle PTA66BT (Best Budget Option)

Pyle PTA66BT (Best Budget Option)
Weighing in as the cheapest option, the Pyle PTA66BT packs 600-watts across 6 channels. It's not feature-packed, but what it does do, it does it well.

The Pyle PTA66BT provides 600-watts of power spread across up to 6 channels. It is most suited for home-use and provides plenty of wattage to fill any room (600W to be precise).

It offers versatility in the form of Bluetooth connectivity, a USB input, an SD card input, and an AUX input. Whatever device you use to access your music, this unit seems to have some way of effectively handling it!

Although somewhat limited, this system allows you to adjust sound quality with enough detail.

There are knobs to control treble and bass, echo, and also tone on the microphones. The system is equipped with two microphone inputs.

The 6 available channels are more than enough to make this a very good option for small to large gatherings.

The system comes equipped with a remote along with an FM antenna. The headphone input allows you to deliver audio directly to your ears.


  • Best bang for buck.
  • 600-Watts with 6 Channels, Great Power
  • Versatile Input Options


  • Limited Features
  • Power Cord Only 4 feet

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2. EMB Pro 700-watt Digital Karaoke Mixer (Easiest Setup)

EMB Pro 700 Watt Karaoke Mixer
If there's one thing that stands out about the EMB Pro, it's its ease-of-use to setup. 4-channels, 2 microphone inputs and 700 watts of crystal clear power at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

This system offers the easiest setup and the most user-friendly control panel. Some of the other systems can be a bit intimidating at first glance, whereas this unit is a piece of cake to set up.

The value of the EMB rivals that of the Pyle system discussed above, if we’re talking about peak power. The EMB is only slightly more expensive and it offers an additional 100 watts of power, if you need it.

The unit itself is well-made, encased in a steel shell.

The large master-volume knobs allow for accurate volume adjustment for both microphones and speakers.

The two microphone inputs are right on the front of the unit and each is equipped with various adjustment knobs including balance, echo, low, mid, and high

This unit also allows for an extra layer of echo and bass control which the Pyle does not provide. 

The EMB Pro only provides 4 channels where the Pyle provides 6. That could potentially be a determining factor for which one you decide upon. It is worth noting that 4 channels allow for connection to 4 separate speakers, which should be sufficient for most home entertainment scenarios.


  • Excellent Value
  • Easy Setup
  • Straightforward Controls


  • No Bluetooth Connection
  • Only 4 Channels

Check out detailed reviews and the latest price of the EMB Pro karaoke amp on Amazon.

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3. Hisonic Dual Channel MA-3800K (Best Value)

Hisonic Dual Channel MA-3800K
The Hisonic MA-3800K is a significant step-up in price. However, when you consider this model along with other models in the same or similar price range, what you find is that this unit is one of the best values for the features offered.

The 760-watt unit provides dual-channel input for speakers, each channel accommodating two speakers for a total of four speakers potentially.

The Hisonic MA-3800K provides three microphone inputs, one more than either of the systems described above.

Each microphone can be adjusted to fit the sound quality desired by the user. Even when connected to three separate microphones, the unit does not sacrifice any sound quality making it an ideal karaoke amp for home use.

Each microphone input has a Gain option which provides plenty of amplification as desired.

One thing to keep in mind — this unit is pretty heavy and bulky (usually the sign of a well-built machine in my opinion).

The amps drive like a well-oiled machine — paired with the right speakers, this unit will deliver bass that could make your house shake, at not even half volume.

The unit comes with a remote control which makes adjusting the volume or effects a bit easier, without needing to approach the system itself.

Some of the special features which make this particularly attractive as a home or professional karaoke system would be the Auto Singing-mate Switch and the Voice Cancellation Switch.


  • Best Value for that Price Range
  • Three Microphone Inputs
  • Additional, More Accurate Sound Features
  • Great Sound


  • Big, Bulky Unit (38 Pounds)

Check out detailed reviews and the latest price of the Hisonic karaoke amp on Amazon.

4. Roland Martin MA-3000KII 750W Karaoke System (Best Warranty)

Roland Martin MA-3000KII 750W Karaoke System
What's probably the most visually appealing model of all 6 listed in here, is also likely one of the best value options with its extended warranty and free microphones.

The first thing that you will notice about the Roland Martin MA-3000KII is the sleek design. This is perhaps the most visually appealing model of all 6 presented within the article.

The Roland Martin’s 750-watt power output makes this a good option for home-use or professional-use.

One of the aspects which sets this unit apart is the great warranty. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty.

As reliable as the ones in this list are, things can go wrong. Peace of mind counts for a lot, especially when you’re shelling out this kind of money!

This unit comes with two free microphones which are about a $50 value each.

On the front of the system, there are four microphone inputs and on the back, there are an additional three microphone inputs. The seven total makes this an appropriate option in a professional context as a karaoke amplifier.

The Roland Martin does not provide Bluetooth, however, there is a USB input and an SD card input, so MP3 audio can be streamed.

Additionally, the unit can potentially be hooked up to a module which supports Bluetooth.

This system will provide some of the clearest bass you can imagine, which can be adjusted on the back of the unit.

As with the Hisonic, this karaoke system is pretty bulky coming in at 35 pounds. Again, when you are dealing with this level of sound quality, that comes with the territory.

The customization is deep on this model so whatever type of vocal range you are bringing, you will be able to adjust to your liking. As far as the echo effects are concerned, this unit provides very accurate control.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Tremendous Sound Quality
  • Two Free Microphones Included
  • Seven Mic Inputs
  • Best Warranty


  • High Price
  • 35 Pounds
  • No Bluetooth

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5. IDOLpro 1300W Professional Karaoke System (Best Effects)

IDOLpro 1300W Professional Karaoke System
As we now enter the premium end of professional karaoke systems, the watts begin to increase, as do general features and quality. The IDOLpro is no exception, with its world-class effects and powerful 1300W capacity.

When you take a look at the IDOLpro you can see that there is something different about this model compared to the others. Just by the looks alone, it’s a noticeably more professional piece of equipment — and this is reflected in the price (yup, it’s not cheap).

To start with the basics, there is a USB input as well as an SD card input for MP3 playback. This unit can also be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The sound customization with regards to the microphone effects or the music effects resembles both the Roland Martin and the Hisonic.

This unit comes equipped with five microphone inputs, three on the front and two on the back.

Because you can isolate each microphone individually when applying effects, including echo, this unit provides the best versatility and features when talking about effects.


  • Best Effects
  • Three-Pronged Mic Input
  • Bluetooth, USB, SD
  • 1300-Watt Potential Output


  • High Price
  • Warranty Info Not Provided

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6. SINGTRONIC KA-2000DSP (Best Performance & Features)

Last but definitely not least, the SINGTRONIC KA-2000DSP is the granddaddy of all karaoke amplifiers. With 2000 watts, two displays, all the connectivity in the world, and the best voice cancellation features we've ever heard -- this is the karaoke amp for those who want the very best.

The most notable feature when you first look at the Singtronic is that it has two small digital displays.

This can greatly assist you in figuring out how to control this karaoke system and create precisely the type of sound or effect you are looking for.

The 2,000 Watt power output puts this unit in a league of its own. The sound quality is second to none, and provides the best combination of performance and effects.

This unit provides USB and SD input as well as Bluetooth that connects to any device. It can interact with all of the karaoke apps available. 

This unit is loaded with different types of inputs and outputs. There are 4 audio/video inputs, 1 Super Video Output, 1 RCA output, 2 HDMI in and 1 out. There is also an auto input selector.

This unit provides all of the sound effects listed above and then some. As with the IDOLpro, you will never feel as though you cannot capture the sound you are looking for when using this piece of equipment. It guarantees a great karaoke experience (and you’d best be sure it does at this price!)

It features the most effective Voice Cancellation feature out of any of the systems within our roundup. Chances are it’s the best voice cancellation effects we’ve heard… ever… it’s just.. that… good…

The temperature-active cooling fan will allow you to use this unit for hours without needing to worry about overheating it. And the fan noise is so low you won’t be able to hear it!

If money isn’t an issue for you, then by all means treat yourself to this beast of a karaoke system. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Best Performance & Effects
  • 2,000 Watts of Power
  • Excellent Voice Cancellation
  • Bluetooth
  • Quiet Cooling Fan
  • Digital Displays


  • Very High Price
  • Warranty Info Not Provided
  • Not the Most User-Friendly

Check out detailed reviews and the latest price of the Singtronic karaoke amp on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Each of the karaoke systems presented above provides its own utility. Depending on what you are looking for, and your budget — one of the above should match your needs perfectly.

If what you are looking for is a basic system for home entertainment, you are going to want to look into the Pyle or the EMB Pro. Either of these certainly has the potential for professional use, but they seem more suited for use as home systems.

The budget systems may not provide quite the same sound quality and features as some of the higher-priced models, but not considering these units based on their price would be a mistake!

As the prices go up the units become more professional, offering more sound effects, more powerful outputs, and higher quality audio.

Regardless, each system listed above is a high-quality system which will lead to many fun nights of karaoke with family and friends.

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