20 Songs That Start with the Letter X

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Singing songs by their letters can be a fun game during karaoke. It challenges your memory and even helps you to find new songs you might like. However, songs that start with the letter X can be hard to find since the letter X is rarely used in the English language. Most common words also don’t start with the letter X, which can make you believe there aren’t many songs written that start with that alphabet. 

You might be surprised that there are quite a handful of songs that begin with the letter X as their titles. That’s why we have rounded up a list of songs from different genres that start with the letter X. Whether you’ve been looking for these songs for your karaoke game or are just curious, have fun going through this list and picking your favorites! 

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“XO” – Beyonce 

What better way to start off a song list with Queen Bey herself? Released in 2013, “XO” is a pop-infused track dedicated to her husband Jay-Z and her fans, describing her appreciation for their love for her. With colorful, glowing visuals, Beyonce doesn’t leave fans disappointed by showcasing her signature vocals in her own way in this song. Lyrically beautiful and musically engaging, this pop gem is bound to please your crowd. 

“X-Static Process” – Madonna 

Published in her 2003 album American Life, this heartfelt R&B track is about Madonna’s existential crisis. One of her slower songs, “X-Static Process” will definitely get you in the feels especially if you aren’t sure of yourself yet. This song is pretty easy to sing with its straightforward lyrics and pleasant folk guitar tune. 

“X” – Chris Brown 

The first track of the 2014 album X, this emotional track details Chris’s failed relationship with a woman and how he learns to move on from his errors. The song has charted on multiple charts worldwide and has been praised as a departure from Chris’s usual style. Though it becomes more upbeat after the first chorus, it’s not the overall vibe of the song and remains singable.

“X Gon’ Give It to Ya” – DMX

This catchy 2003 rap song is the lead single from the Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack, a 2003 action film starring Jet Li and DMX. It became more popular after being featured in recent media, like Deadpool and Rick and Morty

This track is about asserting dominance, so you’ll definitely sell it if you act fierce and energetic during your performance. 

“X-Kid” – Green Day

This 2013 power pop song by rock band Green Day was included on their album ¡Tré! Despite its uptempo beat, X-Kid is actually a heartbreaking homage of the friend of the band’s lead singer, Billie Armstrong. The lyrics can also be interpreted as the struggles of being a kid and growing up. 

With its repetitive lyrics and upbeat rhythm, X-Kid is a song for those who still feel like kids on the inside. 

“XIX” – Slipknot 

Released in 2014 by the heavy metal band Slipknot, “XIX” is somewhat a tribute to members Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. This powerful track features a droning bagpipe reminiscent of a funeral march. 

“XIX” is a pretty short song with simple lyrics and a distinct tune. But don’t let it fool you—you’ll need to scream the verses out to match its heavy metal vibe. 

“X-Static” – Foo Fighters

Published in a self-titled album in 1995, “X-Static” is an underrated rock track that features additional musician Greg Dulli. The song features lyrics that are easy to remember and catchy instrumentals. 

However, the vocals in the song are nearly drowned out by the music, which makes it a great song choice if you aren’t confident in your voice. No one can blame you if they can’t hear you much. 

“XXX” – Kendrick Lamar

In a collaboration with rock legends U2, Kendrick Lamar’s “XXX” is a 2017 rap track that explores religious and political themes. It has a powerful message and the vocals in this song alternate between singing and rapping at a moderate tempo. 

If you’re looking to challenge your range without going too crazy, “XXX” is the perfect song choice for you. 

“Xanny” – Billie Eilish 

The inspiration for this 2019 pop track came after Billie witnessed her friends getting heavily inebriated at a party that affected her deeply. The song’s title is a reference to Xanax, a prescription drug for anxiety treatment and alludes to the topic of irresponsible drug use. 

Slow-paced with minimal instrumentals, “Xanny” leans heavily toward the higher vocal ranges to match Billie’s signature voice. 

“X Marks the Spot” – Coldplay 

 “X Marks the Spot” is a hidden track attached to the eighth song in Coldplay’s 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams. This song was apparently a last-minute addition to the album, being written in ten minutes. 

A song about the need to search for an elaborate treasure, this R&B track is a nicely-paced slow jam for your quieter karaoke sessions. 

“Xoxoxo” – Black Eyed Peas

Released in 2010, this song talks about how much the singer loves his girlfriend. This bouncy track is a landmine of rhymes, with the first two verses rhyming with the title before changing after the bridge. This song is best sung as a group since there are different parts for everyone. 

“X” – System of a Down 

“X (Multiply)” is a heavy metal track from the band’s 2001 Toxicity album. The song speaks about immigration, overpopulation, and the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (a recurring topic in most of the band’s tracks).

Since this is a heavy metal song, be prepared to scream your lungs out. 

“X” – Jonas Brothers feat. Karol G

This 2020 Latin-pop track marks the Jonas Brother’s first collaboration with Colombian singer-songwriter Karol G. It’s got an irresistibly upbeat and energetic feel to it, which will draw your crowd in to dance along with you. 

“XScape” – Micheal Jackson

An overlooked track from the King of Pop, “XScape” describes Michael’s yearning for freedom and individuality. It was apparently written and recorded in 1999 for his Invincible album but didn’t make it into the final track list. In 2001, the song was finally completed and got leaked onto the Internet that year. 

With its insightful lyrics and catchy tune, “XScape” will surely raise the energy in your karaoke bar once you start singing it. 

“Xtabay” – Yma Sumac

If you’re looking for a song with an exotic feel to it without feeling creeped out, this song is for you. From the iconic Yma Sumac, “Xtabay” features her stunning vocals and a unique melody. “Xtabay” goes really high, making it a great song choice for sopranos looking to test their range. 

“Xmas in February” – Lou Reed

Going back to the late 1980s, “Xmas in February” is a slow-paced rock track about war and loss. It has a pretty chill tempo since it’s only backed by one guitar and Lou’s deadpan vocals. The best part about this song is that it doesn’t require much singing since it’s mostly talking over the melody. 

“Xanadu” – Olivia Newton-John

A song from the 1980 film of the same name, it peaked in music charts worldwide and was even certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry. With its disco-infused melody and Olivia’s preppy vocals, this song will definitely get your audience to join in. 

“X.Y.U” – The Smashing Pumpkins

Released in 1995 by the rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, “X.Y.U” is their heaviest track to date and a certified fan favorite. With brutal guitar riffs and screeching vocals, this song is a great choice if you want to let out some of your repressed emotions. 

“XO” – Kelsea Ballerini

“XO” was released in Kelsea’s 2015 album The First Time, describing the frustration of dealing with a lover who’s unable to get over his ex. With its sassy lyrics and fast-paced melody, this song is an anthem for those who refuse to be the second choice. 

“XXXO” – M.I.A.

M.I.A.’s “XXXO” is an upbeat synth-pop song that revolves around the theme of a creation of a sex symbol and romance in the digital age. This uptempo track features techno and tribal influences infused with crazy synths and beats. With its playful lyrics and futuristic melody, it’s a great song choice to get the party started in your karaoke bar. 

“Xanny Family” – Future 

In this 2016 track, Future is basically initiating women into his “xanny family,” his squad whom he parties and takes drugs with. The song is pretty much straightforward rap, so be prepared to spit some bars. 

“XSCAPE” – Don Toliver

First previewed on Don’s Instagram, “XSCAPE” is a 2021 R&B track that describes him trying to convince a woman in an unfulfilled relationship to fall in love with him instead. The song’s distinct tune and Don’s unique vocals give it a trippy vibe that makes it a perfect choice for nighttime karaoke. 

“X-Ray Man” – Liz Phair 

Released in 1994, “X-Ray Man” is a sassy track about a partner who can’t keep his eyes to himself. With its laidback, guitar-backed melody and Liz’s deep vocals, it’s an easy song choice if you’re unsure of your singing abilities. 

“XO/The Host” – The Weeknd 

With “XO” referring to The Weeknd’s clique, this track serves as the anthem for “XO” in his 2011 album Echoes of Silence. The song describes the singer trying to convince his girlfriend to indulge in his lifestyle, a constant theme throughout the project. Its catchy beats and straightforward lyrics make it quite a simple song to sing. 

“XR2” – M.I.A. 

Another entry from M.I.A., “XR2” was inspired by her experience partying in the ’90s on the London rave scene. Aside from its repetitive lyrics and a fun tune, “XR2” is a pretty easy song since you only have to talk more than sing. 

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